Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 Release Date And Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers

The last chapter showed us a lot of what Takemichi is going through alone. Throughout the chapter, he has people visiting him in the hospital and he continues to put on a brave face and resolves to settle everything on his own. 

But Hina steps in and consoles him, encouraging him to face his own sadness and cry it out. Curious how Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 will turn out? Continue to read to get some spoilers! 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 Release Date 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, December 29th, 2021.

Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 235

The chapter shows Takemichi still in the hospital. It’s now been one week since the war got over and Takemichi has his friends visiting him. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 235

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After the guys leave, Hina notices something off about Takemichi and asks him what the matter is but he replies that he’s alright. When Hina leaves to go buy some stuff, the guys from the original Toman gang arrive at Takemichi’s room. 

This is their first meeting with Takemichi in a long while since the beginning of this arc. We know that Takemichi still has a new plan to save Mikey and change the outcome of the current timeline. And he even plans to deal with everything alone. 

But before we even see him voicing this out, the other guys in the room express that they know he’s been tackling everything by himself, with taking care of Draken and also trying to save Mikey from darkness. 

They apologize for not having realized the burden that Takemichi was shouldering alone much earlier. They acknowledge that Takemichi must be the one who is the most hurt right now from everything that happened. And they also tell Takemichi that he can count on them for a helping hand. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 235

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Takemichi thanks them but also says that he’s fine. When they all leave, Takemichi’s resolve gets even stronger. He thinks to himself what he’s been reiterating all along- that he’ll take care of everything by himself without involving the others. He doesn’t want to jeopardize their futures. 

This is the state of mind Takemichi is in when Hina comes back to the room. Hina tells Takemichi that the guys have been checking up on him even when he was unconscious and that he’s blessed with good friends. 

This prompts Takemichi to reply that his selfishness led him to getting them involved and hurting them so he’s now decided to settle things alone. He even adds that Hina should go home too. 

But Hina obviously doesn’t buy what he’s saying as she hugs him and calls him out on his lie. The chapter ends with Takemichi bawling his eyes out after she tells him that what he needs to do is let everything out and cry. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 235

What Can We Expect from Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236?

Hina telling Takemichi he needs to cry it out if he’s in pain seems like a foreshadowing of what Mikey really needs to do. We saw how he didn’t even cry or break down when Emma died. 

But also, Mikey seems so far gone to the point that this will not save him anymore. So, Takemichi might start a gang of his own to deal with Mikey. 

Ken himself has revealed that Takemichi will begin the final battle of the series starting from the next chapter. So for Chapter 236, we can definitely expect things to be super intense. 

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 Online? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app.

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