Bleach Trailer Released; Season 17 To Premiere In October 2022

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The Bleach anime was first announced in 2018, making fans go crazy over the start of a brand-new season after Bleach ended on a whimper. The last two seasons were a disappointment and didn’t help the plot progress at all.

Many fans felt like the anime was lagging and being dragged without any meaningful canon. The manga also ended hurriedly with many peeps feeling like it didn’t give a proper ending to the huge character set.

Hopefully, the anime will give us some high doses of adrenaline through the fight scenes and a better ending. At the Jump Festa Event 2021, new details about Bleach anime were released.

When Will The Bleach: Final Arc Release?

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They released a Bleach trailer and an exciting visual too. While a trailer is usually very short, it gives you a good peek into the plot and also, what you can expect.

Here’s everything we got to find out from the trailer and visual! Read on for more exhilarating details about your favorite anime!

Bleach Season 17 Release Date

Bleach Season 17 will get released somewhere around October 2022. The exact details about the release date schedule and streaming platforms haven’t been decided yet.

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Bleach Visual For Season 17 (Thousand-YearBlood War Arc)

Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach Visual released at the Jump Festa Event 2021
Image: Tite Kubo/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot

Ichigo looks menacing and animated with passion and righteous rage as he wields his blade and has his Bankai activated.

Bleach Trailer For Season 17: What Do We Know?

The final season of Bleach will also be produced by Studio Pierrot. After all, this reputed studio has been in charge of all 16 seasons and it has done a commendable job!

The news of Bleach’s premiere in October 2022, as well as the trailer, were announced on December 18, 2021, at the Jump Festa event held both offline and online.

Single Shots Of Ichigo’s Gang

In the bleach trailer, we got to listen to some upbeat and fun music (as characteristic of the Bleach soundtrack since it’s composed by the same Shiro Sagisu) before we actually got to see the shots of all the members of Ichigo’s gang from Karakura Town.

Ichigo’s Gang Killing Hollows

Ichigo's eyes in Bleach Trailer

We see thrilling scenes of Ichigo, Orihime, Uryu Ishida, and Sado annihilating rows of Hollows. The scene is so cool and transports you back to the good ol’ days when Bleach was at the peak of its popularity.

However, a disproportionate number of Hollows gets murdered by a mysterious group of people with strong powers. This disrupts the balance that Soul Reapers try to maintain among the three worlds- Human world, Hueco Mundo, and Soul Society (Seireitei).

Bleach Trailer: Yhwach’s Smirk

Then, we get a close-up shot of Yhwach smirking as he unleashes brutal violence on the Soul Reapers. The Thousand-Year Blood War commences as the Quincies, led by Yhwach with his band of Sternritter, seek vengeance and wreak havoc on their enemies.

Yhwach sitting and planning in Bleach Trailer

Bleach Captains (Gotei 13) Battling The Sternritter

While we don’t get to see the Sternritter, the Bleach trailer is very generous with its inclusion of all the Bleach captains battling their opponents. We see Rukia Kuchiki wielding her sword and swinging it while wearing a new outfit.

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Is this a new ability that she’s acquired to help her win battles against the formidable Quincies? It could be her Bankai too. It’ll be interesting to watch her fight with a Bankai. Rukia deserves more screentime and more character development.

Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach Trailer 2021
Rukia Kuchiki (Bankai)

We also see a furious Shinji Hirako with blood on his face and a scary-looking Rose Otorabashi. The obvious highlight is that of Retsu (Yachiru) Unohana, as she takes on a menacing and taunting persona, a striking contrast to her usual polite albeit passive-aggressive behavior.

An Injured Shinji Hirako in Bleach Trailer 2021
An Injured Shinji Hirako (who is he fighting!?)

Besides the Bleach Captains, we see former captains like Yoruichi Shihoin and Urahara too, who are crucial to the series.

Unohana's Menacing Smile inBleach Trailer 2021
Unohana’s Menacing Smile

Bleach Trailer: More To Come?

The possibility of more Bleach trailers is quite high since October 2022 is still far away. To keep the hype going, the producers will need to release more teasers and visuals.


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