Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: Release Date, Leaks and Spoilers


Tokyo Revengers premiered in April of this year and instantly became the talk of the anime community. The anime adaptation became so popular that the manga has gained more readers over time. 

The plot of the anime has captured the fans so much that they are constantly on their toes waiting for the release of the next episode. So far, it has covered 21 episodes and season 1 is coming to an end, while the enthusiasm of the fans keeps growing. 

Well, here’s everything we know about the upcoming episode’s release date, what to expect and other details.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 Release Date

Episode 22 of Tokyo Revengers is set to release on September 5, 2021. Fortunately, there’s no news of the scheduled date being delayed so that’s good news for viewers. Any change will be updated on our website.


On March 30, 2021, the series launched a special premiere in Japan. They aired the important scenes from the first three episodes together.


Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Recap 

In the previous episode, fans had a heart-wrenching watch as the character Baji was killed off. Here’s how the events unfolded.

  • In episode 21, when Baji falls, Chifuyu runs toward him and realises that he has been stabbed.
  • Takemichi sees the stab wound and knows that it is a serious one. This frightens him to think that the future he came from is coming true.
  • After discovering that it was Kazutora who stabbed Baji, Mikey goes all berserk and plans to kill him.
  • As Mikey starts hitting Kazutora, Baji gets up, announces he’s alright and then stabs himself. He also tells Takemichi to take care of Mikey and Toman. 
  • Takemichi stops Mikey from hitting Kazutora and reminds him that Baji killed himself to prevent the blame on Kazutora.
  • After realising their friend’s sacrifice and seeing the trinket that belongs to Baji, Mikey’s anger comes down.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 Leaks



Looking at how the latest episode left off, we can make some predictions of the upcoming release storyline.

  • The police might arrive and Kazutora will be arrested.
  • While everyone leaves, Kazutora will possibly stay back to take responsibility for his actions.
  • Drakken and Takemichi are expected to visit him at the prison and pass on the message from Mikey.

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers

Viewers in South and Southeast Asia can stream the episodes from Muse Asia’s official Youtube channel and Bilibili. For those from outside Asia, Crunchyroll is the place to go. Japanese fans can watch the anime on Netflix Japan


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