Top 10 Forbidden Jutsu in Naruto Anime


Forbidden Jutsu by nature is a violation of nature’s laws and is highly recommended not to be performed. Still, we see different people in different arcs use it no matter what, sometimes to defeat a stronger enemy, sometimes to save someone from the gates of hell.

Performing a Jutsu is dangerous to the balance of the universe and is most of the time dangerous to its performers too. There is a lot of Jutsu throughout the series, and it all falls under ninjutsu, genjutsu, and even taijutsu.

We bring to you the top ten forbidden Jutsu in the Naruto series. From the Twin Snake Jutsu to the most powerful Rinne Tensei, here are its ranking.

Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu


Attempted by Anko when she thinks she has Orochimaru in her grasp, this Jutsu is dangerous for both the performer and his/her enemy. This twin snake, Jutsu, will kill both the performer and the enemy when they make the hand sign together.

Earth Grudge Fear


Earth Grudge Fear is a Jutsu stolen by an Akatsuki member, Kakuzu, from the Hidden Waterfall Village. He is functionally immortal because of this Jutsu and has been able to survive injuries.

Reanimation Jutsu


This Jutsu is pretty much self-explanatory. The performer gives his life force for the one it is performed on to bring them back to life. It is used by Chiyo of the Hidden Sand Village while resurrecting Gaara.

Cursed Seals of Heaven and Earth


This Jutsu will not only give the performer a significant upper hand in the fight, but it will also increase the powers within and gives them powerful new forms. Used by Orochimaru in the series, his victims include Sasuke, Anko and Kimimaro, and a few more.

Strength Of A Hundred Seals


This power gives the medical ninjas the ability to store their power and use it all once, giving them the upper hand in the fight. Tsunade Senju and Sakura Haruno have used it in the series. It provides enough power to regenerate from any injury, even life-threatening ones.



Developed by the great Naruto himself, it becomes a higher version of Rasengan. Because of its wind releasing the power added to the previous version, this one is dangerous for the performer.

But Naruto masters it and finds a way to use it without being drained because of this Jutsu.



This forbidden Jutsu is one of the powerful ones to emerge from the Uchiha Clan. This Jutsu gives the performer to trap the enemy in a loop that will be hard to come out of, but it comes with a price. The performer will lose sight in one eye permanently after using this.



Izanagi, the counterpart of Izanami, has the same price. When performed, this Jutsu can make illusions into reality—another powerful Jutsu from the Uchiha Clan.

This Jutsu can also change the reality and bring back the ones that died.

The Eight Inner Gates Formation


Passed on to Might Guy by his father and him by his ancestors, this is one of the most potent and dangerous forbidden Jutsu in the entire world of Naruto.

This power is used by Might Guy while he crosses the eight gate and is brought back with Naruto Uzumaki’s help. This Jutsu multiplies the power of its performer by hundreds.


Rinne Tensei


This powerful Jutsu can be performed by ones who have the Rinnegan in their arsenal. This Jutsu can bring back people from the dead but won’t give them immortality as Edo Tensei got. This forbidden and the most powerful and the most painful one is accessible through the last and final path of pain, the seventh.

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