Netflix’s The Witcher Starts Filming In Reading


Just after a month of shooting in Northern England, The Witcher had to stop filming due to the pandemic. But, luckily the break did not stretch further and the whole cast and crew are back to work.

Filming has resumed at Arborfield Studios in Reading, where we see a whole Witcher town being settled up. What we don’t know is if there were any main cast at the night shooting, but we are sure that the filming has started full-blown.

Witcher fans are really excited for the productions to begin again and it’s good to hear that things are finally picking up again. The last report that we have is about Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra filming near Frensham Little Pond.

Locals had also spotted several wagons and horses in the area, which may not have been used yet. Given the sudden halt, we expect The Witcher to return to Frensham Little Pond sometime soon.

Frensham Little Pond

Though The Witcher has still a long way to go before it wraps filming. It was earlier scheduled to wrap up by February 2021, which now seems farther from reality. But, we are certainly very happy that it has started filming again and we can’t wait for it to drop soon on Netflix!

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