Top 10 Strongest Marvel Superheroes Officially Ranked


Every Marvel fan has once in their life wondered which superhero is officially the strongest one in the bunch. We have it answered here for you. We present to you the 10 strongest Marvel superheroes, officially ranked by Comic Book Resources.

However, certain rules were kept in mind while ranking the strongest Marvel superheroes. They have only ranked them based on their physical strength, i.e., considering only muscle strength. The CBR kept this strength scale in mind while ranking.

1. The Hulk

There is no surprise that Hulk is the strongest. His strength comes from his anger, so the angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. This makes his power potentially limitless.

2. Thor

Thor is often thought to be the strongest one among the bunch. He is not the strongest, but he is close to it. As being a God of Asgard, his strength is unmatched by nearly everyone in the universe.

3. Sentry

Sentry is in the 100+ category. He can easily lift 100 tons with little to no effort. It means that if he really pushes himself, his weight limit could easily be around 110 tons or even 150 tons.

4. Hercules

Hercules is also in the +100 tons category, but the category also includes those with immeasurable strength, making the above three supersede our semi-God.

5. Nova

Nova is also a part of the +100 tons category on the strength scale. He has achieved this weight limit by maxing out the nova energy he gets his powers from.

6. Wonder Man

Wonder Man’s powers come from ionic energy that is tied to his body. Although, the nature of his powers isn’t always clear. Regardless, this energy gives his body a massive power-up beyond the capabilities of normal humans.

7. The Thing

Classified by Nick Fury as a power level 8, Thing’s strength surpasses the Marvel Universe’s good amount. It is not just because of the strength granted to him by his rock-like body but also because he has been training himself to increase how much he can lift over the years.

8. Rogue

Rogue’s main power is to absorb the life force or powers of anyone she directly touches. However, to our surprise, if she touches a person long enough, she can absorb their powers permanently. So it makes her the 8th strongest Marvel superhero.

9. Namor

The strength level we are talking about only applies to Namor while he is underwater. The strength scale puts Namor at a weight limit of 75 pounds. But, it also mentions that he is “unmatched” underwater. So, this is enough of a reason to put him at number 9.

10. Captain Marvel

The CBR has also used some speculations and researches while also using the strength scale. Captain Marvel is put on the 10th number because her powers are drawn from a cosmic force. In the Marvel Universe, it usually means some form of unfathomable, nearly infinite power. Also, she has the power to absorb energy and add it to her own, which can increase her strength to beyond the 100+ tons category.

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