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Thor: Love And Thunder – Melissa McCarthy and Matt Damon Roles Revealed!

We do sometimes hope or expect a lot from life, don’t we? Well, to those who were expecting Matt Damon to get a big role, you can now officially shut down your expectations.

Silly Role!

With a recent report, we know that the movie has chosen to adopt the same theatrical scene from Thor Ragnarok, which has a cameo from Matt Damon.

Now, the Ragnarok movie scene was hilarious, and we couldn’t stop laughing, looking at a dramatic act of Loki dying, which the All-Father was seen enjoying.


It is a rather dramatic and funny conversation Thor has with the All-Father later, which makes Loki come out of his tricks.

Set Videos


Anyway, a video from the Thor 4 set has actually been going around where Thor and Loki are seen meeting their sister Hela for the first time.

Well, without a doubt, it will be a dramatic and exaggerated version of the real meeting as it looked like the scenes were longer.

In reality, the meeting ended rather drastically when Loki called upon Heimdall to open the Bifrost. One thing that has made every fan already roll with laughter is the fact that Hela is played by Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa to Play Hela


Now, Melissa and her comedy can lighten up any scene, and the fact that she is playing Hela means that we are in for a treat. There are also a lot of things about Hela that were unanswered in Ragnarok.

We don’t even know if she is really dead or the fact that if she was born to Frigga and Odin or someone else and Odin. Anyway, we hope that the movie answers all that.

New Asgard!

Now, this play was conducted by a bored Loki in Thor Ragnarok; now that the people of Asgard are on Earth and adjusting to new life, we don’t know whose idea it was to do it again.

The way we last saw Asgard while they go to pick up Thor in Endgame, they had a serious degradation from that shiny golden planet.

Anyway, let’s hope that they settled here well and find out ways to shine here too. Many still think Melissa might just play herself in the movie as now Asgard is a place on Earth.

It would be better to see her play Hela, though, frankly, because she would kill it!

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