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Top 6 Most Beautiful and Crazy Weddings in Marvel Universe

Top 6 Weddings In The Marvel Comics

Tony and pepper wedding
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Weddings in comic books are big events, and never go as planned. Sometimes they never happen, sometimes they get snatched up by villains, and sometimes one of the participants is screwed up. Quite simply, they never go through without any trouble.

Here are six weddings of Marvel characters. Not all of these weddings have happened, and all of them have gone without problems. Despite “till death does us part,” most of these didn’t last. Only Hollywood weddings have a worse record than comic book weddings.



The wedding almost happened until Spider-Man interrupted. He learned that Doctor Octopus was marrying his Aunt May to get to the island with a nuclear reactor she had unwittingly inherited. This instance has come up a few times, but Doctor Octopus is unlikely to have feelings about aging May Parker.

The scene on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #131 takes place in the comic, just not as well-drawn by Gil Kane.



It’s a double wedding, but nobody remembers the Mantis/ Swordsman part. Giant-Size Avengers # 4 is remembered for the wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. After saving her from Dormammu, Vision proposes to the Scarlet Witch. Immortus also agreed before Kang crashed the marriage.

The two were powerful couples, despite many ups and downs, but always loyal. Unfortunately, their marriage dissolved after Vision’s feelings were removed by the world’s intelligence services union. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that this marriage was the best conclusion of the building story between the two.



Peter Parker’s marriage was completely normal, and he was afraid of making such a big change in his life. Throughout the Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 21, young man who has spent so many years protecting his loved ones will now be blessed with Jane Mary Watson.

Common suspicions are intertwined with Peter’s role as Spider-Man. It is also tied to how diligent he is in the memory of Gwen Stacy. Fortunately, the general nature of their concerns is mirrored because no super-villains rack up this marriage.



Amid the Civil War crossover event, even a royal wedding cant get two men two end the dispute. Nevertheless, as Watcher also pointed out, marriage was set up as a significant event. Their relationship has been revisited once in an old tale of the 1980s. This is highly significant and incredibly significant developments for each of their young lives.

Black Panther and Storm rekindled their young love and promised it would be very special. Storm has been recommended to join the Avengers by Black Panther. Unfortunately, the marriage was the casualty of the attack on Wakanda by Namor, authorized by the Phoenix Force.



This is one of the classic stereotypes of comic book weddings. Wasp marries Yellowjacket, who is believed to be Hank Pym’s killer. The Circus of Crime raided the wedding to attack the Avengers, who were powerless at the time. Finally, it is revealed that Yellowjacket is Hank Pym, complete with comic book logic.

Despite all these cliches, the story works remarkably well. It looks gorgeous with John Buscema’s artwork. The Circus of Crime is dangerous to the Avengers only if the most powerful member of the time is believed to be dead. This gives a very happy ending to a taut story.



It basically starts it all. Reed Richards and Sue Storm had a wedding filled with celebrities, which also featured a guest appearance from the creators of the comic. When villains attack, they are prevented from ruining the wedding by the guests. And they are almost all the heroes of the Marvel Universe at that time.

It possesses all of the parts that make a classic comic book wedding. The wedding had been built up with a relatively steady courtship. There’s a reason that comic book weddings go back to this formula, and it’s because Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did it first and did it well.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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