Top Five Anime Series Better Than Attack On Titan

Here is everything you need to know about the top five anime series better than Attack On Titan.

Demon SlayerDemon Slayer

Demon Slayer follows a teenager in his quest to revert his sister back into a human. Even in the roughest of times, protagonist Tanjiro sees the good in everyone, even to a fault. His companions are just as odd as he is. Inosuke wears a boar mask, and Zenitsu can only fight while asleep.

Attack on Titan doesn’t have a ray of sunshine within it. The series kills off any goodwill and optimism quickly. Demon Slayer, on the other hand, uses dark themes to show that the world isn’t as cruel as it sometimes seems. Even though demons eat human flesh, Tanjiro tries to see them as people with feelings and dreams.

Code GeassCode Geass

Code Geass is a mecha show about a disgraced noble working his way back to the throne. He is given a special power to control minds. He can only do it once, so the series heavily involves strategy. The boy adopts an alias and works with a guerilla unit to take back what he believes is rightfully his.

Code Geass is full of twists and incredible mech battles. Attack on Titan doesn’t know when to have fun, while Geass has its share of wacky filler episodes. Lelouch’s planning ability heavily outweighs Eren’s.

Death NoteDeath Note

Death Note is a series that not a lot of people realize is Shonen. The series raises questions about human morality, all while a high school student commits murder with a notebook. Attack on Titan waxes philosophical matters a bit as well, but Death Note isn’t quite as cruel.

Death Note features a brilliant cast and a plot full of gambits and twists. The series may take itself too seriously at times, but it’s still a welcome addition to any anime fan’s shelf as well as a great gateway into anime.

Kino’s JourneyKino's Journey

Kino’s Journey is an early 2000s anime about a young woman roaming the world on her talking motorcycle. Kino finds herself coming into contact with various cultures and muses about the world around her. It is truly a hidden gem in the world of anime.

One of Kino’s most famous lines is, “The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.” Attack on Titan could learn a thing or two from that mantra. The series stacks terror after terror with little chance for recovery, especially in its closing chapters.


Monster is a series where a doctor saves a patient who grows up to commit evil deeds. Kenzo Tenma embarks on a journey throughout Europe to track Johan Liebert, a young man he once saved who turned out to be one of the evilest people in existence.

Attack on Titan uses its views on morality as a soapbox to coerce its audience into thinking that intolerable acts are justified. Monster uses Dr. Tenma as a moral compass to show that people deserve compassion and understanding.

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