Demon Slayer’s Most Searched Demons On Internet

Here is everything you need to know about the Demon Slayer’s most searched demons on the internet.

 Kibutsuji Muzan Kibutsuji Muzan: Demon Slayer's Most Searched Demons On Internet

The Demon Slayer anime didn’t reveal a lot about Kibutsuji Muzan and the powers he holds. He is lamented as the Demon King who created all demons. Muzan is the sworn enemy of the Demon Slayer Corps.

His only weakness is the Sun. He is so powerful that even if he is beheaded, he regrows it with his immense healing ability just like Deadpool. Muzan also can shift shape, thanks to his Blood Demon Art and he can create living weapons out of his flesh, just like Gyutaro. Demon Slayer’s fans are anticipating Tanjiro and Mujan’s face-off.

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Gyutaro is by far the strongest and deadliest demon Tanjiro faces in the Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc and the older brother of Daki. This demon gave nightmares to Tanjiro and Tegen Uzi and almost brought them to death multiple times.

This Upper Six demon slayed 15 Hashiras and almost killed Sound Hashira, Tegen. He possesses the Blood Art technique and creates poisonous scythes from his flesh to slice enemies. Even after decapitating Gyutaro self-destructs and almost destroys the Entertainment District.


Nezuko always keeps their friends back. Neruko suppresses her thirst for human blood by meditating for a large period. Whenever Tajiro faces any incoming threat, she bursts out from the demon case and slays down Tajior’s foes.

Nezuko contains herself in a special demonic case. She possesses immense regenerative abilities and can withstand the Sun. Her unique ability is Pyrokinesis, pink demonic flames that are harmless to humans but lethal to demons. Nezuko is deadly in close-quarters combat while entering into a berserk mode which creates a vine-like structure on her body.


Enmu is the main antagonist in Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc. He is being hunted by Tanjiro and Fire Hashira Kyojuro in the stated arc. Eventually, they tracked him down to the Mugen Train, where he feasted on humans.

Blemished by the mouth on Enmu’s left hand, he forces his prey to dream. His Blood Demon Art is Sleep Incitement which forces anyone to fall into a deep sleep and manipulate their dreams. After absorbing the Mugen Train, Enmu became the most formidable foe for the Demon Slayer corps.

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DakiDaki: Demon Slayer's Most Searched Demons On Internet

Daki is the main antagonist in the Demon Slayer: Entertainment District arc. She shared her brother Gyutaro’s nature and even though they are two completely different persons but they inhabit Daki’s body.

This Upper Six demon’s Blood Demon Art is Obi Sash’s manipulation, which allows her to sprout flower-printed ribbons from her flesh and use them to spy on the Demon Slayer and slice buildings like butter.

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