Tower of God Chapter 511: Release Date, Recap & Where to Read

Tower of God

Tower of God Chapter 511 will be coming out soon and for all the fans missing out on the action so far, here we will be discussing everything you need to know for the upcoming chapter of Tower of God; Release dates, Recap, Spoilers.

Tower of God Chapter 511 Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 511 will be coming out on October 3, 2021. This is based on the usual schedule of Tower of God, that is, a new chapter every Sunday.

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Tower of God Chapter 510 Recap

The upcoming chapter will reveal Khoon’s meeting as well as the outcome of the continuing battle between Bam and White. Tower of God has been focusing on this duel between Bam and White where only one will come out alive. 


After Khoon saved him from a gigantic rat, Asensio came to greet him. The encounter between Khoon and Asensio begins in Tower of God Chapter 511, with Asensio addressing him as a brother. Tower of God Chapter 511

Moving over to White vs Bam, he confesses that the boy is more powerful than him. White notices that his barrier will shatter with Bam’s next strike. In order to prevent that from happening, he made the decision to strike Bam with a devastating blow that would break his defenses and kill him quickly. White decides to unleash White Style Deadly Spirit Blade: Shining Deathly Swords.

He still doubts himself that this combo will be strong enough to break through his defenses and adds Incinerating Shooting to it. Believing that he has dealt tremendous damage to Bam, he is taken aback to find Bam without any scratches and wonders how he withstood his powerful attacks. 

White believes that he is in a nightmare and realizes that Bam is using his strikes to deflect his attacks. He is also concerned about the Shinsoo rain that is consuming his barrier. White admits that he is trapped in a small space from which he cannot escape from. White questions whether Bam’s power is limitless.


He then decides to devour Bam’s power by employing the same technique. Aria is curious as to why White has stopped attacking and if he is okay since he appears to be losing consciousness. White remarks that he is worthy of holding power on par with his father’s, and that he would eventually reach his father.

He believes that if he can make an opening, then the overflowing power around it will consume the orb causing the hole to fill up. He would then use his sword and drive a spell on Bam as he takes in that power. With this idea, White directed his strength at one point and decided to strike with his blade, shouting “Pierce!!”.Tower of God White

White soon notices that he was successful in piercing a hole into it, as the power starts collecting. He is optimistic thinking that it will be his time to take control and make the power his.

He believes he will soon transform into a new creature. But to his dismay, he sees that Bam is waiting as all these unfold. White wonders why Bam remains so calm even as he can see that White is about to absorb his powers. 


Cut to narration, it is revealed that it was a trap by Bam and White realizes it after seeing Bam’s reaction to him striking through the smoke. While waiting for White to strike first, Bam gathered his power. Even after knowing how he has been trapped by this move, White decides not to stop and charges forward, probably his pride being a prime factor.

This small mistake makes White lose the battle by a close call. White screams in frustration, after which Bam reminds him about what he said.

Bam channeled his energy in one direction and grew stronger as a result. White’s confidence is shaken, but Bam is also trying to keep his powers under control. White is perplexed as to what is going on, and Aria responds, no, being the witness to all the events. Tower of God White

Bam is puzzled about what is going on now that he has poured the abilities into his hands. White exclaims, “What…?”. To this, Bam tells White that White is going to be finished soon because he will absorb all the powers of White. White feels compelled to strike Bam with his blade.


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Where to read Tower of God

You can read the latest chapter of Tower of God from Webtoons and Kaminotou.

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