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What If…? Episode 8 Major Easter Eggs

Marvel’s latest Disney+ show is no stranger to heartbreak. From Zombie Wanda and Uncle Ben to that devastating Dark Strange episode, Marvel’s What If…? has gone out of its way to break our hearts on more than one occasion. But up until now, there’s been no time to process this pain or anything that happened in each episode really, because most of these stories have ended rather abruptly at odd or surprising moments.

In the 8th episode, What If…? Ultron Won? had dropped some major easter eggs.

Ultron Took Control Of Vision’s Body Before The Avengers Could

Throughout the scene, Widow mentions the Hive Mind and this is somewhat a nod to the original graphic novel. In that our heroes learned that Ultron had actually traveled into the future and that he was using the Visions body as a conduit in the past to make sure that the heroes had no chance of winning. Because Vision came from Ultron it granted him the ability to possess him and the episode somewhat does something similar with the MCU counterpart.

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Tony Stark and His Relation to Ultron

We then cut to Tony saying that he sees a suit of armor around the world whilst looking over Loki’s scepter. This of course contained the mind stone and it allowed Tony to create what he believed was a peace-keeping program. Tony did a full U-turn on his original ideology as you might remember that he initially said he’d be out of the job with peace.

Avengers: Endgame Directors Say Tony Stark Was Right To Build Ultron
Courtesy- Marvel

However, this changed over the series and upon leaving the cave the first thing he did was hold up a peace sign. In the Senate, he held up two and upon burying the hatchet with Captain America he said he just wanted peace.

This idea to create peace in our time made him build Ultron which was of course his greatest failure. It says a lot about humanity that Ultron spent 30 seconds on the internet and just thought, yep, these guys got to go.

Thanos split into two halves 

Courtesy- Marvel

After bringing peace to the world we watch as Thanos arrives on Earth in order to collect the mind stone. His entrance was very similar to how he appeared on Titan in Infinity War but he doesn’t really get the same welcome from Doctor Strange and instead, he’s immediately cut in two which was quite funny.

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The episode is loaded with easter eggs to be decoded. It seems pretty evident that the last episode would turn out to be the answer to all our questions.

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