Tower Of God Chapter 512 Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Tower Of God Chapter 512

The previous chapter saw another development as Koon joins Bam in the fight against White. The plot is getting more and more interesting and fans cannot wait for the Tower Of God to return with a new chapter. 

Well, if you are one of those fans then keep reading to find out more about the upcoming chapter of Tower Of God Chapter 512!

Tower Of God Chapter 512 Release Date

Following the usual production schedule of the series, fans can expect the upcoming chapter, Tower Of God Chapter 512, to release on 10th October 2021. However, there are still no updates on whether the chapter will be delayed or not. Hopefully, we can expect it to come out in 2 days’ time.

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Tower Of God Chapter 511 Recap

Here’s what happened in the previous chapter of Tower Of God.

Ascension explains to Koon why he helped him. He understands that Koon needs to escape the place in order to help Bam. Asensio offers to give Koon a mouse and in return he wants him to do a favor. However, Asensio does not disclose the favor to him and reminds him that there is no time to hesitate.

Koon is forced to take up the offer, and Asensio adds that he made the right decision. He asks him how he plans on getting out since they have only one rat. Asensio looks towards the girl bound to the wall and remarks that she is also a rat. This does not convince Koon though.

Tower Of God Chapter 512

Koon is then teleported to the arena. He immediately notices Bam and White fighting in the distance and realizes that they were both trying to take power from each other. 

Grasping the direness of the situation, Koon decides to help Bam. He realizes that the ayu might be connected to White and the spell. With the help of the ayu, Bam will be able to take White’s power. Koon understands that this mysterious power is dangerous but sends it to assist Bam. 

White notices the flame coming from Koon. Meanwhile, Koon has to bear tremendous heat in his body but decides to endure it till Bam completely absorbs White’s power. White is outraged by the intruder’s act. He reveals that he had carried his sword since birth and no one in the tower had a better connection to the sword than him. He declares that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to take away his powers. 

The scene then cuts to Rak and Kaiser. Hockney asks them if they’re still alive to which they reply that they’re alive. Rak realizes that they need to go help the Black Turtle right away. Hockney asks Rak to wait and wonders if they could use any items to help Bam. After much deliberation, he decides to buy the item “Summon the spear bearer”. 

In the next instance, Rak who was the spear bearer is teleported to the field leaving behind Hockney and Kaiser. Upon reaching the field, Rak unleashed his secret weapon. He released the Black Turtle from his inventory. With the spear in his hand, Rak is determined to pierce through the enemy.

Tower Of God Chapter 512

Tower Of God Chapter 512 Spoilers

Unfortunately, the raw scan of Tower Of God Chapter 512 is still not out at the time of writing this article. Once the raw scans are released, we will get an idea of what’s in store for the upcoming chapter of Tower Of God.

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Where To Watch Tower Of God 

You can read the latest chapter of Tower of God from Webtoon and Kaminotou.

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