Tower Of God Chapter 514: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks


Baam is still unconscious after the sudden surge of power in his body. Meanwhile, fans are eager to find out about the complete change over White, who is no longer hungry for power. They are eagerly waiting to see Baam’s condition after he wakes up. Also, the fight between the Baylord brothers and Yasurachya has taken an unexpected turn. The plot of the story is getting more intense with each chapter. Continue reading if you want to find out more about Tower Of God Chapter 514!

Tower Of God Chapter 514 Release Date

Tower Of God usually releases a new chapter every Sunday. Following this usual production schedule, we can expect Tower Of God Chapter 514 to be released on 22nd October 2021.

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Recap Of Tower Of God Chapter 513

The chapter began with the higher-ups complaining about the lighthouse not working anymore and not being able to view what was going on in the field. We saw Baam fall off from the sky, unconscious after absorbing White’s power. Khoon rushed to rescue him and was surprised to realize that he had wings and could fly. Rak too seems to have gained the ability to fly as he rushed to welcome the two. Khoon notices that both he and Rak seemed to have acquired some of White’s powers. 


The two float back down to the ground with Baam’s body and are met by Aria. At that moment, to everyone’s surprise, White appeared out of nowhere. However, he reverted back to his young form and had lost all the powers he had gathered. After a brief moment of losing his sanity, he calmed down and began to thank them for helping him escape from the inside of White.

Tower Of God Chapter 514 White

The scene cuts to the side of Doom and Yama. The brothers are facing Yasurachya and it seems that he has already defeated Yama in the past. Yasurachya calls them a pair of stupid brothers and reminds Yama of what happened last time. However, Yama apologizes to him and is confident that he will beat him this time.

Without a battle plan, Yama charges head-on into Yasurachya. Doom calls out to him and asks him if he didn’t learn his lesson from before. As expected, the two exchanges fists but Yama is quickly taken out by his foe. 


Doom is forced to catch his brother and he scolds him for repeating the same mistake as last time. He warns him that if he goes on, he will end up getting beaten up instead. However, Yama is confident in himself this time around. He remarks that he feels good about himself and all the fear he had when he fought him last time had gone. Ignoring his brother’s warnings, Yama charges in once more. This time he is more successful and is able to grab hold of Yasurachya’s arm, striking him.

What To Expect From Tower Of God Chapter 514

Baam is still unconscious after absorbing White’s powers. After seeing the powers Khoon and Rak obtained, it will be interesting to see what kind of abilities Baam would have acquired by absorbing the tremendous power. Khoon himself had remarked that there will be a big change in Baam. The upcoming chapter will reveal this after Baam regains his consciousness.

Another character of interest is White who has now reverted back to his old younger self. Though remorseful at the beginning over having lost his power, White seems to have attained a state of peace and no longer thirst for power. The question remains as to how he was able to survive after having almost all his power drained. What will happen to him now that he is free from the curse of his majesty’s sword? We’ll have to keep a lookout for the upcoming chapter to find out.

Tower Of God Doom and Yama


Lastly, Tower of God Chapter 514 will continue with the fight between the Baylord brothers and Yasurachya. As we saw from the previous chapter, Yama is a completely different fighter this time and has gotten a huge blow on Yasurachya. Also, unlike his last fight with Yasurachya, Yama is accompanied by his elder brother, Doom. 

With his newfound strength and his brother by his side, Yama may look to put an end to Yasurachya this time and get revenge for what he did to his father. 

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Where To Watch Tower Of God 

You can read the latest chapter of Tower of God from Webtoons and Kaminotou.


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