Tower of God Chapter 518 Release Date and Spoilers

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From Baam tricking White to Asensio descending to help his brother, Tower of God has been on a roll for the last few chapters. And with White suddenly getting ideas of absorbing black shinsu to defeat Baam, it is only getting spicier. One can only imagine what SIU has to offer in Tower of God Chapter 518. But whatever it would be, it doesn’t look good for White.

For the fans asking questions regarding the details of the next chapter, you have come to the right place. Scroll down and you will find everything you need to get ready for the next chapter.

Tower of God Chapter 518 Release Date:

Tower of God Chapter 517 is all set to release on November 21, 2021. Every new chapter of the manhwa gets released weekly, on Sundays.

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A Recap of Tower of God Chapter 517:

After relentlessly attacking White, Baam stopped there for a moment. According to White’s inference, Baam needs to gather up some shinsu to attack again. Looking at the situation he was in, White decides to opt for offense as his shield isn’t going to last long. Furthermore, Baam seems to be having some trouble too so this is the best chance he got.

white fighting baam tower of god

White choses to attack with one nasty blow to end it all but let’s be serious, he’s up against Baam so it won’t be that easy. Baam is able to deflect White’s attacks easily without getting hurt in the process. Apparently, White isn’t happy as his attacks were getting countered but that’s when he got an idea.

The idea was to absorb nearbuy shinsu that was overflowing from the ceiling and use it against his opponent. With this intention in mind, White starts to absorb shinsu from his surroundings to make a hole in the orb. That way, he has a chance against Baam and he also might be able to consume shinsu and stand against his father. 

With his objectives in mind, White unleashed a deadly sword piercing attack that went straight to Baam. But surprisingly, he was able to deflect it easily and it turns out that all of it was a trap to lure White. However, White wasn’t able to stop himself (either due to the pride or newfound confidence he had earlier) and pierced through Baam.

baam tower of god

But White fell for it again as Baam’s plan was set in motion i.e. he was going to drain his opponent’s power through the sword as a medium. Although White also didn’t back off and was trying his best to not lose. And, the recap’s over.

What Can You Expect In Tower of God Chapter 518?

First things first, the battle between Baam and White will continue in Tower of God Chapter 518 too. And maybe, the upcoming chapter would be the climax of the battle and we might just get a winner. 

asensio tower of god

On the other hand, we have Asensio too who came down to save his younger brother. What are his motives? If things go right, we might also see some interaction between the brothers.

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Where To Read It?

You can read the latest chapters of the hit manhwa from Webtoon and Kaminotou

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