Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 Release Date and Spoilers

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Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 is going to be a riveting and thrilling one because of the revelation in the previous episode. Finally, the viewers are shown who was the one responsible for Cosette’s death and most probably Takt’s father too. Felix Shindler came out of his hiding to show his true colors and Takt isn’t happy about it.

The fans are very excited and so are we as the upcoming episode is most likely to be an amazing one. Here are all the release details you need to know before you dive into the next episode of Takt Op Destiny. Buckle up and enjoy. 

Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 Release Date:

Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 is all set to release on November 23, 2021. The MAPPAxMadhouse series comes on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.

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A Recap of Takt Op Destiny Episode 7:

The chapter starts with the trio (Takt, Anna, and Destiny) entering a destroyed city. From what Destiny gathers, the destruction was all thanks to D2s only. As they drive towards the city, a new adventure awaits them.

On the other hand, we have Felix Shindler denying the request for the deployment of musicarts in a poor city. According to his beliefs, they are obstacles and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Furthermore, he has a different definition of responsibility that doesn’t cater to people who he seems unfit.

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But soon his whole world comes crashing down in an instant when Sagan orders him to not interfere with Takt. Not to mention, the Grand Master also calls Takt rare and more useful. This infuriates Shindler and it seems like he’s not going to stay put after such humiliation.


Meanwhile, Takt and co. are stuck in traffic; turns out that the traffic is due to people fleeing from the city they were in before. The reason being D2s; they suddenly came out of nowhere and started destroying everything in sight. And as usual, Destiny takes this opportunity to slash some more D2s. Thus, they decide to stay in a motel.

On the other hand, Takt is composing an original song and his black circles are the proof of it. But, it’s tough composing a song out of thin air and Anna helps Takt with that; she brings him a melodica.

A Revelation:

After composing all night, Takt goes on for a walk. He sees Destiny with groceries going somewhere and decides to follow her. Turns out, she was buying food and candies for the people sheltered in the park. Later on, it’s also revealed that she was the one who brought the melodica and not Anna. There was a gradual change occurring in Destiny that reminded Takt and Anna of Cossette.

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While Takt was in the midst of composing his song, a D2 attacks the city. He along with the help of Destiny finishes it but it seems like there are multiple D2s in the mountains too. And so, they head toward the mountains only to find that there’s a horde of D2s being controlled by Hell, Felix Shindler’s musicart.

Additionally, Shindler also reveals that he was the one responsible for the death of Cosette. He justifies his acts by stating that he’s building a new nation where only the strong ones reside. Upon listening to the diabolical acts and ideology of Shindler, Takt gets furious and prepares to attack him.

What Can Happen In Takt Op Destiny Episode 8?

As we all know, Takt is quite exhausted at this point but the killer of Cosette is in front of him too. By any means, he can’t lose this opportunity to take revenge and in the final minutes of the episode, we see how angry he is.

lenny and titan takt op destiny



We also caught a glimpse of Lenny and Titan in this episode. And it looks like they are heading towards the city where Takt is. It looks like they will also assist him in fighting with Felix and his small army of D2s. Takt Op Destiny Episode 8 is going to be a thrilling ride.

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Where To Watch It?

You can watch the action-fantasy anime on Crunchyroll. For the Asian fans (in some countries only), it is available on Ani-One Asia and Bilibili.


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