True Crime Documentaries You Can Watch On Netflix

Richard Ramirez: True crime documentaries on Netflix

True Crime Documentaries On Netflix: After spending years inside our own homes, we’re all looking for shows to binge and get involved with. In the past few years, Netflix has truly stepped up its true crime game. We have a list of new true crime documentaries on Netflix for you. And don’t worry, another Ted Bundy documentary is not on the list.

The Serpent

The Serpent follows the crimes committed by serial killer Charles Sobhraj who preyed on Western tourists traveling in South Asia during the 1970s. Sobhraj gained the nicknames “the Bikini Killer”, “the Splitting Killer” and “the Serpent”.

Sobhraj reportedly killed at least 20 tourists in South and Southeast Asia, including 14 in Thailand. The Serpent tells the story of his crimes as well as his victims.


Sobhraj is also often described as handsome and charming. Unlike most violent offenders, he also did not seem to commit his murders out of uncontrollable deep-seated violent impulses which many serial killers experience.

Don’t F**K with Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer

Don’t f**k with cats. Yes, you read that right.

The documentary follows the crimes of a man named Luka Magnotta who often filmed himself torturing and killing multiple kittens. After a while, his thirst for blood led him to murder a 33-year-old student from China named Lin Jun.

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However, murdering him was not enough for Magnotta. He went as far as to film Jun’s murder, just like the way he did with the kittens. The killer then mailed Jun’s body parts to Canada’s liberal and conservative headquarters and two elementary schools.

In Don’t F**K With Cats, the online community dedicated themselves to track down the killer to convict him of his crimes.

Abducted In Plain Sight

Buckle up, folks: This is one of the most mind-blowing true crime documentaries on Netflix because of its absurdity. Abducted In Plain Sight follows the story of a young girl named Jan in the 1970s who was groomed and kidnapped by her trusted neighbor—twice. Also, did we mention all of this happened right under her parents’ noses?

The documentary features Jan and her family speaking about the experience. The pedophile kidnapper manipulated the whole family to the point that Jan wanted to be with him. He also got her parents to do a couple of things that will totally throw you off of your seats. Also, aliens are involved. Because, why not at this point?


The Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer

The summer of 1985 in Los Angeles will forever be remembered for the notorious serial killer, Richard Ramirez. The serial killer made headlines because he had no defined pattern for the police to investigate. Ramirez was termed the “Night Stalker,” as the whole town chased for answers.

The Netflix documentary follows the case of Ramirez. It also includes interviews with the two L.A. County Sheriff’s Department detectives who apprehended the killer.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel

The four-part documentary series tells the tragic and also creepy disappearance and death of Elisa Lam. Los Angeles has a record of strange things happening and a lot has happened inside the Cecil Hotel itself.

The Cecil Hotel is known for being a place where serial killers, thieves as well as notorious criminals stayed. When a traveling student lodged there, she disappeared and her body was found in the weirdest place. The case involves supernatural events, creepy footage, and many theories.


Have you heard about Elisa Lam? What’s your theory on her death? Let us know.

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