Undead Unluck Chapter 88 Release Date and Spoilers

Fuuko yet again comes at the top with her wits and courage as she shifted the momentum of Round 2 in the last minute. But, is the game really over for Spring after one lightning stroke? Is it possible that God will let go of the audacious Unluck negator? Well, we have to wait for Undead Unluck Chapter 88 to know the answer, don’t we?

Still ,that doesn’t change the excitement of the fans for the upcoming chapter. Here are all the details you need to know; scroll down and have a look for yourself.

Undead Unluck Chapter 88 Release Date:

Undead Unluck Chapter 88 is all set to release on November 21, 2021. The manga usually releases on a weekly basis, every Sunday.

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A Recap of Undead Unluck Chapter 87:

After Fuuko loses the first round, Billy gets more doubtful and questions Andy whether she will be able to win or not. But Andy doesn’t seem to falter as he has watched Fuuko grow in front of his eyes. He is pretty sure that she still has a chance to win. 

Meanwhile, Spring remembers something after looking at Isshin’s armor and writhes in agony once again. The Uma’s face got darker and he commences the second round out of nowhere. In a split second, thirteen negators turn into Karuta cards. 

Now, in a game of Karuta, one person would recite the upper verse and then take the lower verse accordingly. In other words, the upper and lower verses are negators and whosoever takes away the most should be the winner. And, guess who is going to recite? Yes, it’s Billy (obviously).

However, the karuta game doesn’t make much sense as Fuuka knows more about the negators than Spring. So, why did he choose this game? The answer is revealed soon – Spring is faster than Fuuka. Therefore, the Uma only needs to have Fuuko search for the right card and take it first. 

Seeing that Fuuko is at a great disadvantage, Andy advises her to go for a feint so Spring picks up the wrong card. But, she doesn’t listen and continues to go for the right ones. Although it wasn’t as simple as that because Fuuko was touching Spring when he was smacking her away. 

After stacking up six cards in his pocket and Fuuko risking her life to charge her opponent with Unluck, something unbelievable happens. A lightning strike directly on the Uma that supposedly renders him paralysed? 

In the process, Fuuko also explains to Billy that their efforts are paying off as they are reaching closer to God. The fact that God has to butt in a contest like this by brainwashing Spring means he’s somewhat terrified of the negators. Not to forget, she picks up her first card with a literal bang from the skies.

What Can Happen In Undead Unluck Chapter 88?

Fuuko’s stroke of Unluck was nothing short of mesmerizing. Also, she was able to stop the Uma from winning as she took her first card. Additionally, Fuuko also talks about how she was able to control her Unluck for Spring.

So, does that mean there are more strokes of unluck to be unleashed on the Uma? Moreover, how exactly does she plan to take six more cards away from Spring? Well, it looks like we have to wait for Undead Unluck Chapter 88.

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Where To Read It?

The latest chapters of Undead Unluck are available on Shueisha’s Manga Plus and Viz, that too for free.

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