WandaVision: Did Vision Break Virtual World?

WandaVision Trailer

With just 15 to 16 days for the Marvel Series release, every fan is gearing up for the most awaited Marvel Phase 4 commencement.

New trailers, promotions, and a lot of information about the first product of Phase 4
has come to light. With so much information and not to mention the fan speculation confirmations floating around, we have something new now that might look simple but has many things connected to it.


A recent Tweet by a Marvel fan has sparked all these new rumors. A Twitter user CarlosVision had shared some set pictures of WandaVision.


In those pictures, Vision is seen standing on a Farm.

Why the sudden hype?

Stills from Wandavision by Disney+

Well, this picture for the unknown is just a picture of Vision on a field but to the well informed, It’s a Gold mine.

According to what we know about Kat Denning’s Darcy character, who will be joining the WandaVision cast is that, she will be the one who will help Vision remember his past life.

Even though he was just an Android and could easily just go and check in with his back up drive, according to some reports, none of those are intact, and Darcy is the one that is helping Vision remember.

Running through the field

Which all this while was just a rumor might make sense after all now because last May, Kat Dennings, who is playing Darcy Lewis, had made a statement that she was involved in a scene that had her running through a field.

If we take all of this into consideration and the trailer we got recently, then like Monica
Rambeau, who was seen being eliminated from the fake, made-up world of Wanda because she remembered, then Vision, who will start to remember his past, will also be eliminated from this made-up world of Wanda.

Elimination of Vision?

image credits: disney+

It’s a big “If” with Vision remembering the past life, so we would have to wait and watch. If Vision is eliminated from the fake world, we don’t think Wanda has anything else to do up there, so…..

Also, we still don’t know how this world of Wanda works. If Vision is eliminated then Wanda keeping up this fake world makes no sense. Well, we know we are not going to get anything from Marvel, so we would have to wait, no other way as of now.

Just two weeks more peeps!! Just hold on we have come far too long to lose our minds now.


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