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WandaVision: Dottie To Appear In This Week’s Episode

Dottie Jones, played by Emma Caulfield, looked a lot suspicious when she first made her appearance.

Drained Hype

Don’t forget Dottie was the only one against Wanda inside the Wanda-made virtual world, so there were many questions back then.

But the hype with ‘what she is up to?’ and ‘who she is?’ went out the drain when other mysteries piled up. The most asked ones are What happened between Captain Marvel and Rambeau, Pietro Maximoff’s true intentions, and Monica Rambeau’s powers.

Oh wait, I forgot about the shady Hayward and who the heck is the villain doubts we have.

Who is the villain?

Until now, some were direly convinced that it was Agnes since her character kept growing suspicious.

But with the sixth episode and how she was also stuck in a loop while she was nearing Ellis Avenue points that she is not the big bad.

Also, she recognized Vision and asked him to save them, so, she is out of the equation. WandaVision did everything it could to keep the big bad out of the equation, and now that we have no clue, some suddenly suggest it might be Dottie.

Don’t forget, along with Agnes’ identity, even Dottie’s identity is not known to S.W.O.R.D. At first, we just thought she might be a henchman to AgnesAgatha Harkness, but nope, she is not that.

Where did Dottie go?

Another thing that has been troubling our minds is this question. Dottie disappeared after the 3rd episode, and we never saw her even in terms of reference. Every other character was shown in some way or the other, but Dottie was missing altogether.

Was she plotting something alone? Or was she just put in the outskirts where she is stuck in a loop or dormant by Wanda because Dottie said, “I don’t believe you.”

There are chances of that too. But, looks like we will get to see Dottie once again in the coming episode.

Modern Family Return

From a Tweet by Dottie actress, Emma, fans have deciphered that she might return in this week’s episode.

The actress tweeted with the question “Where is #Dottie?” pulling fans into a loop of ‘what on earth is true in this show?’

Also, a TV spot showed a glimpse of Dottie, and it looked like she will be returning for the Modern Family episode.

Also, when asked about her character, this line from Caulfield makes a little sense if you think she is some kind of dark force, “I’m just enjoying this no one knows who I am. I’m anonymous and not anonymous at the same time.”

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