WandaVision: New Leaks Confirm Vision’s Doubts About West View


Well, it’s not like we were not happy when we see Friday on our calendars already. Marvel just gave us another reason to look forward to Friday every week.

With WandaVision finally getting down to business, fans have been nothing short of excited. Many have been trying to give a countdown and have been marking each day till Friday comes, as we get to see a new episode.

With this week’s episode finally bringing in the most teased Halloween scenes where Wanda and Vision are seen wearing the comic-accurate costume, we can’t wait till the clock strikes two and the episode hits the streaming platform.

What’s new?

There have been a lot of leaks with WandaVision ever since the episodes got exciting, and many have been trying to stay off the internet just to avoid the spoilers. If you are one among them, then refrain from reading this article.


Wanda and Vision are both seen in their comic book costume and are seen reacting to something in the leaked and now-deleted image. Probably Billy and Tommy doing something unexpected.

Vision’s Reaction

As seen on the trailers, we know there are many kids roaming around in the Halloween episodes. Since the 5th episode covered the fact that there are no children in WestView, this sure does confuse us.

Now this point was brought forward by Vision, who confronts Wanda about why there aren’t any children around. Ironically, they both did a magic show to raise money for ‘Children.’

While many things were creepy about how they kept chanting ‘children’ in the second episode, now it gives us the creeps to find out there are indeed no children there.

Is it Agnes?


The character of Agnes is starting to look a lot more than just a nosy neighbor, so there are chances that she could be controlling Wanda too. In this new episode, Vision is going to look at the sudden appearance of children there and freak out, that’s for sure.

How did the Children get in?

Remember that alarm blaring in the background when Pietro Maximoff was at the door. Yeah, some say that could be the time Agnes brought in more kids.

It is clear that Agnes holds something because every time Wanda lacks something, let it be a thing or some motivation (to stay inside the bubble), Agnes delivers.

Is it just the Kitchen doors that are close or something else?

We would have to wait just a little longer to find out so, hold on, people!

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