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WandaVision: Suspicions Around Agnes Grows Wild With New Trailer


It would be an understatement to tell that the new trailer of WandaVision has some potential spoilers for fans.

Vision’s growing suspicions

Well, as expected, Vision’s doubts are on a new high, and Wanda is clearly having a hard time convincing everything is under control.

If we start to explain every shot of the trailer, it will be Friday already; that’s how long we could write theories from this new trailer.

But we will just get to Agnes’ part and another major revelation from this trailer.

Agnes, the nosy neighbor

Well, as far as Agnes is concerned, she is definitely hilarious and nosy. But that was only until Vision caught her speaking something and asked what is really going on.


From that scene, we knew she has something to hide. But that was just a small clue. Our doubts were furthered confirmed when S.W.O.R.D had a Wanda‘s victims board up and had no idea who Agnes is.

Well, many fans will start telling you their theories as to who she could actually be but let’s just tell you something, she is not who she claims to be.

Confused Wanda

With Wanda looking so confused in the trailer around Agnes and “Let’s take it from the top,” dialogue from Agnes just gets us thinking maybe it’s not Wanda who is controlling the bubble after all.

With that just being a theory as of now, another thing in the trailer confirmed our doubts about Agnes. With Marvel, there is no mere coincidence, and every fan knows that.

In the trailer, Agnes is shown strolling inside Wanda’s house in every decade of sitcom clothing. It is purposely demonstrated to show us how she keeps poking her nose inside Wanda’s home and life.


In a normal case, that’s just who we call a nosy neighbor, but in Wanda’s case, she could be the one manipulating the Avenger.

If she is the one doing it, then I can’t wait for Wanda to find out and make her run.

Temporary Changes only?

Another important thing to note is that the changes inside WestView don’t last long outside the bubble.

Monica Rambeau, who was seen thrown out of the bubble in her 70s, makeup and clothes were seen back to her form before she went into the bubble.

Well, we could argue that they simply removed the makeup and clothes to get her tested for any kind of an anomaly in her body.

Still, even Rambeau’s hair is back to its post-bubble style, so most likely, our theory of what happens in West View stays in West View is a probability.

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