Wandavision To Explore Connection To Civil War Post-Credits Scene


Now that Disney has the rights to X-Men, they have the power to call their Avengers mutants if they want to; you know what that means, right?

Not just a lab enhanced Rat.

There is no way on Earth that the formidable and uncontrollable power that Wanda holds is just because of some lousy experiments conducted by HYDRA scientists.

If it had been Howard Stark who created them then, we might’ve agreed, but these powers that Wanda hold is far more than simple telekinesis and telepathy.

Finally, the three questions.

Is Wanda Maximof the key to the opening of Marvel Phase 4

Now that Kevin Feige has said that WandaVision will answer three questions, “Who else is aware of that power? Where did it come from? Did the Mind Stone unlock it?” we are sure in for a treat with this series, which will stream on 15th January 2021.


What many fans noticed all of a sudden from the new WandaVision trailer that was released after the Investor meet is that there is a connection between the series and the Civil War post-credits scene.

Civil War Connection

In the post-credits, we see the suffering the twins underwent after the experiments were done on them. Scarlet Witch was seen wearing this gray long-sleeved dress with red eyes and looked almost about to collapse.

She was seen in the same condition in the trailer that was released recently. If you have missed it, pause it at the time you see a yellow light appear before Wanda. She is seen in the same clothes and looks the same way she looked in the post-credits scene.


What does this mean, you ask?



Well, there was this long-standing theory that Wanda and Pietro were mutants and that the Mind Stone just activated their powers, which was seen lying dormant. We received another piece of information from Shuri’s notes that the reason HYDRA did its experiments in Sokovia, a third-world nation, was because of this.

Now that Marvel can finally bring out the mutant factor into its movies before we can confirm any X-Men crossovers, we can, without a doubt, tell that the word mutant will be used a lot in the WandaVision series.

This could also mean that we will also get to see the childhood of Wanda and Pietro and their parent’s history. But how will they bring it into new and improved S.H.I.E.L.D. and how they will handle it in the series, and what will happen when they get to know that? Wait, was this why a convoy of military vehicles was seen in the trailer? Were they going to capture Wanda?

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