Who Took Care of Naruto While He Was Young?


We get to see Naruto from the age of 13 and above, and all we see is an underage kid living in an apartment all alone with nothing but Ramen and Milk.

None to go home to!

While the starting arcs are actually funny, we always tear up while we see Naruto feeling lonely or seeing him all alone and no one even to take care of him.

But that wasn’t the case, Naruto was raised by people who were hired by the Third Hokage, and we very well know that Sarutobi kept an eye out for him even though he didn’t show it that much.



We also know that Jiraiya made sure to fend off any threat that was to rise against Naruto, his godson, even though it’s not mentioned, come on, it’s Jiraiya; he would’ve done so many things for him but simply never told him.

Also, don’t forget the Ichiraku Ramen guy, his best customer was Naruto, and also he made sure to keep the kid well-fed and even gave him coupons and free meals sometimes to revive his spirit.

Angels on Earth

These people didn’t do so after Naruto saved the village; they did all this even when they knew he was a Jinchuriki and that he can destroy the village in seconds. That’s what makes these people unique.

Naruto might have had guardian angels like Jiraiya and Sarutobi, but the only person who was there for Naruto and pulled him out of the darkness was Iruka. Iruka was more than just a teacher for him; he was more than a big brother too. Iruka’s kindness is what made Naruto the man he is now.



Kakashi, at first, was busy handling Sasuke and helping him train. Still, after a while, he becomes a guardian of this overexcited Ninja too, then came Yamato, Octopops, Tsunade oh and not to mention Sakura.

All these people helped Naruto become who he is today. While Minato and Kushina would’ve given him more love and affection, these people in various stages of Naruto’s life came to him and became his guardians.

Even though no one adopted Naruto, he was well-taken care of. He probably wasn’t adopted because people were scared of the Nine-Tailed Beast living inside him. But Sarutobi had the people under strict rule not to mention it again and made sure he is kept off people like Danzo.





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