Was Chris Evans Even In Talk For The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?


This is one question we need answered seriously because we put in a lot of theories with Chris Evans’ Old Man Rogers making a cameo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Why wasn’t Chris Evans not in TFATWS?

The same question has been asked by everyone we have seen on the internet, and its answer is still unknown.

Well, his contract is over for starters, but it won’t take Marvel seconds to make one and give him, so that is still a possibility right there.

Even though we have been yelling for Chris Evans to return, it’s like Marvel never heard it. Or did they?

Was Chris Evans considered for TFATWS?

When the fans got furious and trashed that they didn’t get their most expected cameo, Marvel never responded, but when Malcolm Spellman was asked about Chris Evans, he said that Evans was considered.

It was not a wild theory by fans to expect Steve Rogers in a show which centers around his shield. It was totally possible and totally organic to show him in the show.

But Marvel didn’t, and it made fans definitely furious. We are still not aware of what happened to Steve Rogers, to be frank.

We don’t even know where he is. Some say he is on the moon, and some say he is with Nick Fury. Some say he might be dead, but that guy is too persistent in letting old age kill him.

Whatever and however this new quantum realm and timeline work, we know for a fact that Steve Rogers is not dead, and we won’t accept it.

Will Chris Evans be in Captain America 4?

Well, like always, we will think he will be there, and let’s see what will happen. Malcolm Spellman did say he was considered, which means that Marvel is not completely done so, let’s hope that they bring him back soon.

Suppose Marvel had plans for another Captain America 4 movie from the beginning. In that case, there are chances that they decided to keep Steve Rogers hidden until that to get fans excited enough to watch it in the theatres?

No matter how well TFATWS does on Disney Plus, it’s still not the one many will go and watch in theatres. So, that might be the reason.

Also, Spellman immediately changed his comment. That’s how scared Marvel employees are about leaking any sort of info.





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