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Watcher Broke His Own Rule For Doctor Strange And Story Doesn’t End Here


In Marvel’s What If…? Episode 4, an unexpected turn of events was witnessed. Doctor Strange became a sorcerer not by losing his hands but his love Christine. Nevertheless, the death of Christine becomes a driving force for Strange later compels him to choose the dark path.

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We see Dr. Strange being spilt into two timelines in the same universe to the Watcher talking to Dr. Strange Supreme. Wait, What! Did the watcher break his rule?


Doctor Strange went against the theory of absolute point in time which leads to the destruction of the Universe. Although before the universe collapses, the watcher is seen to him. He requests Watcher to save Universe from getting destroyed. But the Watcher denies by saying he cannot interfere in any event of the Universe.

One aspect to ponder upon is – The Watcher already did interfere by talking to Dr. Strange. Obviously, the watcher might be thinking that Dr. Strange gets evaporated too along with the universe. But this does not happen. Despite the universe getting destroyed, Dr. Starage was alive in a mirror dimension created by him.


According to the Marve What If..? the main trailer we know Dr. Strange does appear alongside Captain Carter and Thor in upcoming episodes. Dr. Strange’s grudge against Watcher might act as an intensive for him in going search for another universe where he meets fellow marvel superheroes, Captain Carter and Thor.

The events further going to occur in the multi-universe could have been influenced by the watcher in one way. Knowing or unknowingly, the watcher broke his rule of not interfering with the Universe.

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