What Happens to Hawkeye’s Arrow once they are deployed? She-Hulk Calls Barton A Hazard!

One thing about Marvel is that it leaves no stone unturned. If it makes a big deal out of something that is totally unwarranted, it will troll itself. The same goes for the mystery behind Hawkeye’s arrows.

Clint Barton is someone who does not speak much and likes to hang around on high places watching as things unravel; he wants to keep it in the DL and prefers not getting involved personally unless it’s Loki.

How does Hawkeye have so many arrows?

Ever wondered how Hawkeye goes to superhuman, alien, and otherworldly creatures’ fight with a bow and arrow?

Well, it may seem silly now, but he does have a sharp eye. One thing we are sure of about Barton is that he is not a superhuman. So, he has to make his arrows beforehand.

He may have a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and with the tech and ammunition available with Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D, he need not worry about getting his hands on raw materials.

Does Hawkeye collect his arrows after a fight?

This question was surprisingly brought up in Jen Walters’ family dinner, which our dear Bruce Banner seemed to miss on his way to Sakaar.

The answer is that we don’t think so. We know that Tony Stark got his company involved in cleaning up the mess after the first fight in New York, so we need not worry about those arrows, but the remaining ones may still lay around.

Now, from the Hawkeye series, we know that he has different arrows for different roles, and most of them are flammable. If deployed, he hits his mark without fail in case they were pointed at a human, but in the case of aliens, bots, or even superhumans, they don’t work much, so, yes, they are left lying around.

Or maybe Fury has someone picking up those arrows as we know they are not ordinary.

And given that he is retired, we don’t think Jen Walters will look into it and sue him.

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