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What Was Darcy Lewis Doing After Thor Dark World?


WandaVision and the hype that Marvel is giving us for this mini-series are going beyond control for fans who want to get a taste of Marvel content for so long.

Pandemic Promotions

Now that the series will release within six days, we are getting many backstories, Easter eggs, information, and new teasers from Marvel, which are used for promotion. I mean, it’s not like Marvel products needed any promotion.

With a lot on in the store during its release, Marvel has now given the backstories of people who were seen previously in the MCU and what they have to do with WandaVision.

Blast from the past

Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo are two people who made appearances in totally different MCU franchises and are both seen now in WandaVision. Fans had no idea what both were doing and what role they will be playing.

Now Darcy Lewis is someone who has a degree in Political Science, and frankly, there is no use for a Political Science expert in a place like West View or S.W.O.R.D. But according to some reports, we heard that Darcy would be the one who brings back Vision’s memories.

Breaking out of West View

Darcy helps Vision in remembering things. Now, in West View, remembering things means you will be eliminated from it, like Monica Rambeau. More than what Darcy will do in WandaVision, there is another thing that has been troubling fans.

Many have this question about how Darcy was brought in. Even in Thor, we see Darcy yelling, this is too much for some credits and trying to give up. Even though she didn’t, we know she wasn’t a fan of dealing with otherworldly or superhero problems.

“Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World”
Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings)
Ph: Jay Maidment
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Dr. Darcy Lewis

But things have taken a drastic turn now because, according to the backstory provided, it is said that Darcy became an expert in her field and is now officially Dr. Darcy Lewis.

This can mean many things, but what does a Political Science doctoral candidate have to do in West View? Maybe she was brought in because she had experience dealing with the Asgardians and Thor before?

Maybe she was brought in because Eric Selvig recommended her, and Fury knew about her? Or maybe after Thor Dark World, Darcy dropped out of Political Science and chose astrophysics like Jane Foster?

Too many questions and too few answers. Also, why does this promotional stuff look like it’s giving answers but, in reality, creating more problems


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