What Is Under The Marvel Studios’ Sleeves For D23 Convention?


In the run-up to Comic-Con, Deadline reported that Marvel Studios may not deliver much news at the event as it instead saves its biggest reveals for Disney’s own D23 convention. Obviously, that proved not to be the case as attendees were treated to the entire Phase 5 slate and confirmation of the next two Avengers blockbusters.

With the Multiverse Saga’s slate now revealed all the way through Phase 5 up until the end of 2024, there probably won’t be too many new project announcements at D23. Instead, the focus ought to be on offering new details about the already announced projects that are nearing filming, currently in production, or already wrapped.

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Granted, Feige did leave a whole host of Phase 6 releases blank at Comic-Con with the promise they will be revealed another day, but that day may not come as soon as many may hope. After all, if Marvel Studios reveals the entire Multiverse Saga slate this year, it won’t leave anything to reveal in 2023 or 2024.


It’s also important to remember that while Marvel Studios holds its own hour-long panel at Comic-Con to fill with reveals, it shares the stage with Lucasfilm and other Disney studios at D23. Looking at past years, Feige tends to take the D23 stage for around 20-30 minutes, which is plenty of time to work with, but will likely lead to less news than Comic-Con.

Looking back at 2019, Comic-Con brought the entire Phase 4 slate, while D23 was packed with new details as well as the addition of Ms. MarvelMoon Knight, and She-Hulk to the roster. Perhaps something similar will follow here, with likely new reveals to include Deadpool 3, Werewolf by Night, and World War Hulk.

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In terms of casting, this may be the biggest news to come out of D23. Feige ought to confirm which characters will be involved in Thunderbolts and Captain America: New World Order, while Fantastic Four may finally announce its cast and director.

As a whole, fans should prepare for some major reveals to come out of D23, but nothing close to the level of Comic-Con. Recent rumors have suggested that old Fox contracts are preventing any X-Men projects from moving until 2025, so while there’s a chance the mutants may debut in Phase 6, they could be saved for the next saga.

Marvel Studios will present at the D23 convention on Saturday, September 10, at 10 am PST – the panel is not expected to be live-streamed.

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