Did You Notice Changes in Moon Knight Credits Sequence?

Is Moon Knight Season 2 Happening?

Marvel Studios is officially at the halfway mark of Moon Knight, with three episodes telling the story of Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Marvel’s take on ancient Egyptian mythology. More so than any series in the MCU’s history, Moon Knight has the opportunity to take a deep look into different characters and locales through the story that’s already been told.

Thanks to Marc Spector’s experience with Dissociative Identity Disorder, fans have spent ample time with one of the character’s alternate personalities in Steven Grant, an everyday man who worked at a gift shop. The first two episodes saw him learn about the other side of him in Marc along with Marc’s ties to the Moon God Khonshu, taking him 3,500 miles from his life in London to the deserts of Cairo, Egypt.

With so many storylines being explored in this show, fans have seen something new with each subsequent episode, whether it be with characters, visuals, or both. Viewers have even noticed this being the case in the show’s credits, which bring something unique with each passing week.

Notice Changes in Moon Knight Credits Sequence

Moon Knight's "Vague" Placement on the MCU Timeline

Each post-episode credits sequence for the first three episodes of Moon Knight comes with changes every week.

Most prominently, the moon shown in the credits is in a different phase with each new episode. The first week showed a thin crescent moon, leading up to Episode 3 showing half of the central circular figure.

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The same thing happens to the moon in the wider shots, which also each include a different location at the bottom. Episode 1 shows the city of London, Episode 2 includes the pyramids of Egypt, and Episode 3 shows a vast sandy desert under the moon.

The phase of the moon also seems to be waxing within the main story of each new episode.

London and Cairo continue to have a presence in other cuts from the credits, showing different buildings from whichever one is largely used in each particular episode.

Moon Knight Credits, Moon Phases


Moon Phase Changing Every Week on Disney+

While Marvel Studios is known as the master of the post-credits scene, its credits sequences shouldn’t go unnoticed in the proceedings. Some of them hold Easter eggs tying back to the series while others include hints toward what could come in the following weeks, although Moon Knight’s give a new level of connection to its core show.

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With each new episode showing the moon in a new phase, it seems clear that the final credits sequence in Moon Knight will provide an image of a full moon after the hero completes his solo journey. It’s still a mystery which other parts of the world Marc Spector will visit in the final three episodes, but this trend indicates that the one featured most in each new entry will shine in the credits as well.

Although this isn’t a moment that adds to the actual story being told behind Oscar Isaac’s leading hero, it adds another layer of depth to the full experience Marvel is bringing with its sixth Disney+ show.

The first three episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream on Disney+.

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