Where Did Zemo Escape To In Falcon And The Winter Soldier 4th Episode?


One thing that has been confusing the fans from the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is if Zemo is a good guy or a bad guy.

What is Zemo up to?

Well, to be frank, he doesn’t look so crazy anymore, and that is kind of a relief. In Civil War, we couldn’t stand him now all of a sudden; he just looks like a goof.

All we could see is a guy trying everything he could to keep himself out of prison. Well, no doubt that he deserves to be inside, but with everything going on, suddenly he looks like a mosquito who doesn’t need any attention from us.

But clearly, the Wakandans are not feeling that way because they are dead serious about capturing Zemo. If Walker hadn’t gone crazy, we would’ve had a track of him, but the idiot is one immense pain in the butt.

Will Zemo go to Madripoor?

As seen in the previous episodes, Madripoor is a paradise for criminals. The worst of the worst roam there, and you could live life like a king if you are packed. Well, Zemo is basically royalty, so he already lived like that.

There are very few chances of Zemo going back to Madripoor. Well, for a fact, he hardly escaped the last time, so chances of him going there are few.

He may go to someplace where no one could find. He is basically royalty, so he obviously owns a lot of places, and he has the luxury to hide and live his life.

Is he after Karli?

There are many chances that Zemo is after a Karli. Now, a sane person would just try and escape from a super soldier, but Zemo is not sane in any way, and we very well know how he feels about a super-soldier.

So, there are many chances that Zemo is after Karli and Flag Smashers. As to the “will he succeed?” is still a question. Even though he is not in any way the same league as the Flag Smashers, he did try to put a bullet in Karli and succeeded.

He is somehow very smart and very crafty, so maybe he will find a way. Or else the Flag Smashers will do the world a favor and get rid of Zemo.


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