Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 194th Episode: Jigen Reveals His Karma Form


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime revealed Jigen and his Karma form in the 194th episode for the first time, and it is terrifying.

Kawaki and his nightmares are justified

To say that Kawaki had it tough is a justifying statement. Fans had a guess that after Kawaki went with Jigen, it was mostly fighting in the Kara safe house, but they were wrong.

The first part of becoming a vessel is getting the Karma mark. We get to see why Kawaki shudders in the sight of Jigen or anyone from Kara.

Even though he is powerful, he couldn’t break free all this time, and the chance of freedom when he found, Boruto and the gang stopped it. So, we understand why he was hostile.

Jigen and his terrifying Karma Mark

We get to see Boruto’s Karma mark come out with ease now that Kawaki is nearby or whatever the reason it comes out easily.

When we saw Boruto’s mark or even Kawaki’s mark, it didn’t look terrifying. In fact, it looked cool, and we liked it. But Jigen’s mark was equally terrifying as the background music when he comes on screen.

All this while we just saw Jigen being all calm but on the same hand authoritative. Delta even threw the table and broke it, but Jigen didn’t lose his temper, but the one we see in the 194th episode has no mercy.

The next Orochimaru level genius?

Well, all this while, when we see a lab or tubes or experiment tanks, we only think of Orochimaru, but this one is terrifying than that.

The lab we got to see in the episode this week looked horrible because the experiments were kids who were the same age as Kawaki when he was captured.

Amado is doing experiments for Jigen, and they both try passing on the Karma mark so badly. Jigen had killed so many before Kawaki by trying to make them the Vessel, and Kawaki, the poor kid, sees it all.

Jigen is merciless, and so is Amado, and when Jigen is passing on the Karma mark, we get to see him in his Karma form, which sends chills down our spine.

This episode is a must-watch as Boruto and Kawaki finally agree that they have the same goal.








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