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Who is Ravonna Renslayer? What Does Loki Episode 4 Reveal About Her Past?

Ravonna Renslayer in Loki episode 4

If you’ve been patiently waiting to find out more about Judge Ravonna Renslayer, we’ve got you covered. Played by actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw, the character introduced in the Loki series is from the comic book.

So far, Judge Renslayer has been portrayed as an authoritative role as a judge in the Time Variance Authority. However, this week’s episode of Loki tells us more about her and lets her get in on more of the action.

“For me, it was about sort of making a fresh discovery of Renslayer because this is sort of her origin story, this part of Loki,” the British actor explained as she talked about her role of Renslayer. Mbatha-Raw told TV Insider that her character is creative even though it is an adaptation from the comics.

Ravonna Renslayer’s Character

Right from the start of the Loki series, Judge Ravonna Renslayer has proven herself to be a powerful presence, especially in the Time Variance Authority. She wields the major power to reset the God of Mischief out of existence. However, she chooses not to.

This decision made by Renslayer in the earlier episodes, therefore, positioned her as an ally to Mobius M. Mobius and, indirectly, Loki himself. As the episodes go, it shows that the audience shouldn’t really trust any of the characters too quickly. Renslayer too has a complicated history with the female Loki.

Renslayer’s Relation To Sylvie’s Past

While Renslayer’s character is one that has raised the suspicion of many fans right from the beginning, episode 4 of the series further exposes her sinister side. Given her position of power and nature, Renslayer is shown in a different light in this week’s episode of Loki.

Episode 4 fully shows the audience a different side of the character. The episode also showed that Renslayer was the one who tried to prune Sylvie when she was a child. This also raises many arguments for Renslayer’s aim and motivations in the MCU.


This week’s installment of episodes also showed that the “killer Loki Variant” issue was also created because Renslayer messed up in the past. Young Sylvie apparently stole her TemPad and escaped before her sentencing from the then TVA judge.

Why Renslayer abducted Sylvie is not shown yet. But episode 4 creates a huge momentum and sets a dark tone for another new chapter that will be delivered in the last two episodes.

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