Why Anthony Mackie Is The Funniest Avenger

A picture of anthony mackie and sebastian Stan

Anthony Mackie

Antman, Star-Lord, and Rocket might make us laugh with their sarcasm and jokes on screen, but Anthony Mackie makes sure to do his part off the screen.

Our Falcon turns 42 today (Sept 23). In honor of his birthday, we would like to bring to you Anthony Mackie and every time he made us ugly laugh!

Team Captain:

In a press conference for Captain America: Civil War, Team Cap did a separate interview. Mackie was hilarious AF and made us roll with laughter. To those who haven’t seen the video yet, it is a hilarious interview where he gives a nickname to all the ‘Team Iron Man‘ members. Coco-Cola can (Iron Man), Rohdey (Trash Can), Black Panther (Michelin tyre), Black Widow (Perfect) and Vision (Highlighter pen). All because some fan called Falcon as the Bird Man.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier


These two are made for each other. I mean, Sebastian Stan, on-screen as winter soldier is quiet but off-screen, he is fun-loving and makes an excellent in-crime partner to Mackie. They both have such good chemistry, and Mackie is a non-stop talker. Not just in interviews or press conferences, but even on the red carpet. For example, ET’s red carpet interviewer just gave Anthony the mic and asked him to interview Sebastian and left as her services were not needed.

Trash Talking

Anthony Mackie might have a degree in trash-talking but has a PHD in pulling his opponent’s leg. He in all of Civil War press tour pulled out every stop in making fun of Team Iron Man. He went on to say that they are too pampered and probably going to spas and getting on private jets. While he and Team Cap’s team hitchhiked to get to the press tour.

Diva Alert

When he is not pulling Tom Holland‘s leg, he is making some loud noises. In an interview, Mackie and Stan went from roasting Holland to roasting each other. Stan called Mackie chatty and loud chatterbox. Mackie called Stan a diva and that he needs his grapes before he shoots his scene.

Jet Lag

When Evans and Mackie came back from Germany from shooting Civil War, we don’t know what happened. Don’t know still if it was the jet lag or both had gone insane with the cold climate in Germany, they were just weird and making some funny high-pitched noises. The interviewer stood just confused. Both wouldn’t stop talking in a modulated voice. Maybe it was an inside joke? God knows. But it was funny to see him bring out Evans’ goofy side.

Tom Holland

There is no one specific interview that Mackie has gone to without pulling Holland‘s leg. From calling him all sorts of names to saying he would’ve made a better Spider-Man, Mackie never shied away. But now Holland is getting a grip and giving it back sometimes. It is hilarious to watch and people, are good friends, and it is all in the name of fun, so chill. Mackie is a decade and a half older than Holland, he is just being Mackie!

Avengers Roast 

Mackie has roasted all of them literally in some way or the other. And others have not been that quiet either. On the whole, this vast group who play Avengers are seriously a brat pack, and God knows how the Russo brothers made a movie with all of them in one place. Evans has said in an interview that as soon as Mackie is on set, the productivity is dropped by 10%. And we have seen others also share about Mackie.

It is just hilarious. Just type Avengers cast roasts each other. You will thank me later!

After reading all this, I know many of you scrolled back to see what was his age again (lol). Anyhow, we at The News Fetcher wish a very Happy Birthday to our Falcon, Anthony Mackie!




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