The legacy of Tony Stark:- Some of his best inventions

Tony Stark has been amongst the most followed and loved character in the MCU timeline. After ‘Avengers Endgame’ everyone asked Marvel to somehow get back the character into the timeline. But the friends were heartbroken when RDJ the actor who portrayed Tony Stark confirmed that he was officially done with Marvel. Though Tony will not be back in the timeline but his technology will be primarily used in further movies. But this all started when Tony built the Arc Reactor in the cave. So today I am here with 7 best inventions made by Tony Stark in MCU timeline according to me.


Tony creating a new element in IRON MAN 2

The new element created by Tony in ‘Iron Man 2’. This was first synthesized by Tony’s father Howard Stark who imagined it to be the best way to get limitless, renewable and clean energy but he was not able to complete the element. However Tony completer the element and used to power the arc reactor instead of Palladium.

Iron Legion

Iron legion in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The drone army of Tony Stark that was created for protection purposes. This army consisted of a number of Iron Man armors which were controlled by AI. These droids had the task to protect the civilians when the Avengers were out for fighting.


Veronica in Avengers: Age of Ultron

It was a shuttle designed by Tony along with Bruce Banner, a genius who would transform into Hulk when angry. It was built to contain the out of control Hulk. Whenever hulk would go out of control, Veronica was designed to deploy the HULKBUSTER armor or so called MARK XLIV to stop Hulk.

Arc reactor


The arc reactor was the key to Iron Man suit and was a sustainable and a clean source of energy. It went through various transformations during the movies but was one of the best inventions of Tony Stark as due to this small arc reactor only he was able to progress further on the Iron Man.

Iron Man suit

If we talk about the technologies of Tony Stark, then it is not possible that we not include his ultimate Iron Man suit. It was a great invention which consisted of some amazing tech like repulsors, bullets, compact missiles, lasers, jets and many more. Tony created over 85 different Iron Man armors which was actually his free time work. But each of these armors had something extraordinary in it.

Iron Man Gauntlet


This piece of unique technology was really helpful for the immediate action on the crime scene. This gauntlet was activated from a wristwatch and also contained a super small arc reactor into it which was really awesome and cool.



The virtual AI assistant of Tony Stark was one of his best inventions. It was one of the finest pieces of AI which used to handle everything from Tony’s business to world security systems. It was capable to do anything that Tony wanted it to do.

Apart from these there are many other unlisted inventions made by our favorite TONY STARK. But the actual thing is out of all these inventions which inventions are actually possible. That will be interesting to think upon.

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