Why Bleach’s Rukia Kuchiki Is A Fan Favorite Character!

Bleach is one of the most all time popular shonen anime shows that is hugely loved for its wide cast of memorable characters. And Rukia Kuchiki is possibly one of the most beloved characters from the series.

Through Rukia, Viewers First Experienced The World Of Bleach 

When we first entered the world of Bleach, Rukia was the one who introduced both Ichigo and fans alike to the existence of hollows and the knowledge of a Soul Reaper’s duties. Yes, Rukia is a formidable fighter and she certainly does defeat many foes by the end of the series, but that is not what makes her such a popular character in the fandom. Rukia has a special place within Bleach’s storyline which no other character can replace.

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In Season 1, Rukia was incredibly fun to watch as she attempted to get the hang of living in Ichigo’s world. She does all kinds of mundane activities such as going to school, engaging in verbal fights with a stuffed animal and sleeps in Ichigo’s closet.

Rukia’s Dynamic With Ichigo Is Heartwarming

During the Hueco Mundo arc, Rukia is a great deal of help to Ichigo’s team on their mission to rescue Orihime. She is a source of constant help and knowledge. We see that throughout the progress of the series, Rukia has been nothing but an absolutely amazing mentor to Ichigo and a wonderful asset for the Soul Reapers and fans love her for it.

Rukia as a coach to Ichigo is strict but we know that it is because she has good intentions. She knows Ichigo’s potential and only wants the best for him by helping him hone his natural talent. It was Rukia who managed to knock sense into Ichigo and motivate him when he became upset and refused to hunt hollows. No other character could have appealed to Ichigo’s courage and friendship like she did.

At The End Of The Day, It Is Rukia’s Personality That Won Over Fans 

Everything else considered, the reason Rukia is such a beloved character is due to her personality. She is cut-throat and seriously determined during fights but the scenes where she really shines are during the character-driven moments in between the battles. She is someone who has suffered a lot in terms of poverty, starvation and losing her biological family but she perseveres and never lets her will get defeated.

She’s super generous and compassionate and gives her all to protect Ichigo’s sisters from harm. She agonized over Kaien’s death as well and felt so personally responsible for it she apologized to Kukaku Shiba. She did her best to mend the distance between her and Byakuya, her sincere attempts and good intentions winning over her brother just as she won over many fans. Through all this, we can see what a formidable and strong character Rukia Kuchiki is!

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