Why Did Wakanda Put A Failsafe On Bucky’s Arm?

Bucky Barnes

Wakanda has always been able to think ahead of time with everything they got. Bucky’s Wakandan metal arm is no exception.

Why Did Wakanda Put A Failsafe On Bucky’s Arm?

Well, this is something every fan wondered. We saw a different Bucky ever since Civil War. He was ready to fight along with Steve Rogers even when it meant there might be no hope.

He was a little changed then without completely released from the poison Hydra injected in him. But now, he is a changed man.

We saw for a fact that he chooses his battles now and decides on how to end something. Man, after all, he got Zemo to forgive him.

Seriously, who would’ve thought the guy who detests every superhuman could actually forgive Bucky.

We never thought we would like Zemo that much, did we?

Bucky Barnes Wakandan Arm
Bucky Barnes Wakandan Arm

Is Bucky completely cleared from Hydra’s mind control?

Yes, unless he is trying to prove a point with Zemo. That was one hella way to scare us now, wasn’t It? Anyway, we loved seeing him hear those words and still not care about obeying the one who just read them out.

No matter how you put it, Bucky has come back to normal. Even though he is over 100 years old, he is calm and found his inner peace. It’s time he moves on and has a good life. But things don’t work that well now, would they?

Anyway, Wakanda was not sure if Bucky will stay the same. Otherwise, there was no need to attach the failsafe. As a last-minute resort, they added the failsafe to make sure Bucky doesn’t go against the good.

Well, they did end up using it, and now Bucky, along with Sam, knows that the Wakandans know how to do that.

We feel that Bucky was right in this scenario, and Ayo was just in a hurry, so we don’t approve of this as Bucky failing something.

Do the Wakandans trust Bucky?

If the Wakandans don’t trust him, they wouldn’t have given him the arm. So, they trust him, just that they like to be prepared for any worst-case scenario.

No matter what happens, we won’t be seeing Bucky going back to his old self. He is, after all, the White Wolf.

Let’s hope he earns their trust completely that they give him an arm without fail-safe. Because now, Rocket is probably on his way to take it and make a run for it.


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