Is There A Female Loki In The Marvel Comics?

Is Female Loki The Villain of Loki Series? Or Is Marvel Following The Same Pattern Throughout Phase 4

Marvel just confirmed one of the fan theories surrounding the Loki series by rushing to print some last-minute comics.

Will there be a Female Loki in Loki Series?

Well, it was just a fan theory for so long. Last year’s end, some fans predicted that there would be a female Loki, a kid Loki and an old Loki in the series.

This prediction came after some insiders shared some clues. But fans were not sure as to trust these rumors but, looks like they were true after all.

According to a totally unrelated event, we can confirm that there will be a female Loki in the series.


Female Loki Comics

Why is Marvel in a hurry?

Well, Marvel thrives because of its quality content and over-excited fans. Just before some movie or a series releases, fans go crazy over fan theories and try to find out what it will be about.

As a result, fans have been buying comics and everything related to the story arc to find out what really happened.

Marvel, who knows how to use an opportunity, is rushing now to get ahead of the surge.

Well, they missed WandaVision, so they don’t want to miss Loki.


To be clearer, comics and everything related to it sell more when they are in the trend. For example, comics related to WandaVision sold a lot when the series launched on Disney Plus.

Now that Loki is about to release on June 9th, every comic related to Loki is being rushed for printing and distribution by Marvel.

Loki: The Mistress Of Mischief

Fans got some solid news when they found out that Marvel is rushing to the printers not only for other Loki comics but also to get Loki: Mistress of Mischief out. And as far as we know, this is some concrete news.

Diamond Listing describes the new comic like this,


Loki reborn! When the Asgardian cycle of life begins again after Ragnarok, Thor’s brother Loki comes back as… Thor’s sister! Loki returns with a sense of purpose, seeking a fresh start to write her story anew. Loki first became the mistress of mischief in these epic tales from J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel’s legendary run in this NEW collected edition LOKI: MISTRESS OF MISCHIEF TPB with an on-sale date of 7/14/21!

So, the theory of us about to see a female version of Loki is not a theory anymore.



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