Why Didn’t Jiraiya Take Care of Naruto?


While the only people who saw Minato and Kushina sacrifice themselves for the village and their newborn son are old, and some are dead by now, it’s still a mystery why Jiraiya did nothing about it.

Nine-Tails Incident

There are chances Jiraiya was on another research trip or spying trip, but conspiracy this big to release the Nine-Tails on the Hidden Leaf should’ve somehow reached Jiraiya’s ears, don’t you think?

Okay, let’s keep that for another day, today we will look into why Jiraiya never returned to take care of his Godson, Naruto.

Lonely Orphan


Even though Naruto‘s first part is filled with jokes and adventures, we always teared up when we saw Naruto alone in his apartment and no one to take care of him and make him eat anything other than Ramen.

Naruto did have people who cared for him, Sarutobi the Third Hokage kept an eye out for him even before Iruka did, but it wasn’t enough for the boy who had so much love to give that he went on to share his love with the enemies who were trying to kill him.

Why didn’t he come back?

What still makes the fans angry about Jiraiya is that why didn’t he come back for Naruto. Even though he was destined to find his child of prophecy, why not go and look into Naruto now and then?

If it was hard for him to take him along, then maybe he could’ve had someone take care of Naruto while he was gone. Even though he didn’t witness Minato and Kushina’s death, there is no way he wasn’t informed about it. Do you think Jiraiya never came to Hidden Leaf after their death until we meet him during the Chunin Exams?

An Oath to Protect!


Well, some fans give a reason that Jiraiya did so to protect Naruto. Given that Jiraiya was one of the legendary Sanin and an excellent spy who gathered so many secret and crucial intel and was also seen teaching another yellow-haired guy like this who went on to become the famous Yellow Flash of Hidden Leaf, they have a point.

Maybe that’s the reason why Jiraiya didn’t meet Naruto, or maybe Danzo and the old folk’s council prevented him from meeting him, knowing that Jiraiya will train the boy. Perhaps, in turn, they were asked to stop speaking about Naruto?

Jiraiya may be many things but leaving an orphan kid who also happens to be his godson, defenseless and alone, is not like him at all. So there is a point in what some fans say.

Either he did it to protect him from his enemies and Minato’s enemies or was ordered to do so by Danzo and his old pals.

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