‘World Trigger’ anime to get a third season


The second season of the World Trigger anime is just around the corner—it starts airing on January 9, 2021. TOEI’s official website had recently released the new cast members and other details, which you can check out in an article here.

Shueisha’s Jump Festa 2021 event, which is being held on the 19th-20th December, is the annual Japanese expo centering on the anime and manga industry. It is the perfect place for fans to find out the latest news and updates regarding their favourite anime or manga series, or information about new ones. At a stage presentation on Saturday at this event, it was revealed that the World Trigger anime is getting a third season—without the second season even being released!

The launch date of this third season has not been disclosed yet, but the presentation has reported that the second season will be running for one quarter of the next year. The first two episodes of this season, which will be screened with exclusive footage in 12 theatres across Japan, will feature 51 cast members in itself.

Morio Hatano is the director of the series, and we believe that he, along with script writer Hiroyuki Yoshino, character designer Toshihisa Kaiya, and composer Kenji Kawai, will be reprising their original roles for the two upcoming seasons.


The manga of the same name by Daisuke Ashihara, on which the anime is based, is currently being serialised in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine; and Viz Media, the American manga publisher/distributor, is simultaneously releasing digital versions of it in their Weekly Shonen Jump publications.

For those wishing to watch the two-day Jump Festa event, the only way is to visit their official website here; the different panels and stages will be separated on the site and can be accessed here: Jump Super Stage, Jump Amusement Tower, Jump Studio. Unfortunately, the official app for the event is region-locked and cannot be accessed; and so is the official Youtube livestream.

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