Why Does Orochimaru Listen to Sasuke Even After Everything?


No matter how creepy Orochimaru’s snake avatar is, one thing that is creepier or sweet, according to some, will always be him treating Sasuke that good.

Something fishy

Before, when he wanted Sasuke to be the vessel, during that time, we get why Orochimaru was playing ball with Sasuke’s behavior, but after that, it just didn’t seem fit.

Sasuke was the same to everyone except to Naruto and Sakura because his ordering around never worked with those two. But when it came to Orochimaru, he had the same attitude he had with Suigetsu.

He didn’t mind ordering around Orochimaru and what surprised us was that it was the same even after Sasuke killed Orochimaru and was revived later. Orochimaru isn’t someone who has been treated like this before.


So what changed him?


For one thing, we know that Orochimaru damn well knows he would lose against the Uchiha as he has already been destroyed by him once. But that was not all that is to it. During that time, Orochimaru was in a weak state, and it was easy for Sasuke to beat him.

Even though now Sasuke could definitely beat him, there might be another reason why Orochimaru listens to Sasuke.

Well, while Orochimaru was revived during the war, we saw him immediately take over the lead and take Sasuke where he had asked him to. He does everything Sasuke asks, and in between, he also says that he wants to see where Sasuke ends up.


Different fate

To others, this might not make sense, but to deep-rooted Naruto fans, it might. Orochimaru was one of the legendary Sanin, and unlike any other villain, he kept his friends as his friends till the last but in his own twisted way.

He considered himself a little less powerful and non-attitude Sasuke. He wanted to see how Sasuke ends up and what fate he chooses. He wanted to see if Sasuke, even after his past, could still end up becoming someone good.



Because of the way he spoke, it looked like he had a teeny bit of regrets and wanted to know how he would’ve turned out if he had reformed in the middle as Sasuke did.


But it still doesn’t explain why he listens to Sasuke. Maybe it’s just some kind of twisted Student-Sensei thing or just mutual respect for not giving a heck about what’s going around and taking what is rightfully theirs.

Whatever it is, we love to see Sasuke bossing Orochimaru around. It’s not like anyone else gets to do it, so….who cares if Orochimaru has hidden intentions, right?




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