Why Was Jupiter’s Legacy Cancelled?

Why Was Jupiter's Legacy Cancelled?

Many try to build something like Marvel and fail miserably but how someone could take the story of the guy who gave Captain America: Civil War and Logan and mess it up like this is still appalling.

Why was Jupiter’s Legacy a flop?

If you look at the show’s trailer or watch it even for five minutes, you won’t be asking this question. It was just, trying too much with too little.

Jupiter’s Legacy is cheesy, poor graphics, told and tired stories, “my kids are not grateful” superhero dad, and blah and blah.

No matter how you see it, the show was doomed from the very beginning. The show received very poor reviews from the critics but somehow managed to keep up the views.

Well, the world is in the middle of a pandemic, so people would basically see anything right now.

Why Was Jupiter's Legacy Cancelled?
Jupiter’s Legacy

Why was Jupiter’s Legacy canceled?

There is obviously more story to tell there, but just people won’t have the patience to see it. But somehow, the show did manage to get some fans.

We think it’s probably the ones that will see any superhero shows or movies or those who haven’t seen Marvel or DC’s projects.

Why Was Jupiter's Legacy Cancelled?
Still from Jupiter’s Legacy

Because once you get a taste of that, there is no coming back from that fineness. Many normally think superheroes are cliché, but Marvel and DC somehow manage to keep it relevant and non-cliché and give box office hits, but not everyone could do it.

Mark Miller wrote Jupiter’s Legacy. The same Mark Miller is credited for Captain America’s Civil War story and Wolverine’s Logan story.

So, we think whoever the show’s writer was has messed up, or Miller just lost his touch. But things are still looking up for the shows’ fans because a spinoff following the show’s villains has been announced, called, Supercrooks.







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