Will Loki And Sylvie Get Out Of TVA? There’s A Chance Of Getting Out Which Is Known Only To Sylvie

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Loki and Sylvie are getting out of Lamentis 1 somehow, and we knew that they would be back at the TVA. So, no matter how you see, they both need to get back there.

Sylvie wants to kill the Time-Keepers, and Loki wants an audience with them so, they both may disagree by the endgame of this master plan.

Will Loki and Sylvie get out of TVA?

How Did Young Sylvie Escape From TVA? Everything You Need To Know About Episode 4 Of Loki

For someone who tried to escape from it, Loki is right now putting in a lot of effort to get back into it.

Sylvie, who has already visited TVA while she was young, is now going back to complete her mission. And according to what we can see, destroying the TVA is kinda her goal.

We know that they both make out of Lamentis 1, find the TVA elevator, and get in, from the new teaser.

We also see that they both are caught. We don’t think they will be killed immediately because these two variants have a lot of shocking news to convey to the TVA members in the building.

Sylvie has already gotten out of the TVA building once, and she knows every secret they have. So, our guess is, she definitely knows how to get out of the place.

So, yeah, there are chances that they both can go back to the current timeline. Or, Loki alone goes back. We don’t know anything about Sylvie yet, to be frank.

How did young Sylvie escape from the TVA?

Will Loki And Sylvie Get Out Of TVA? There’s A Chance Of Getting Out Which Is Known Only To Sylvie

The fact is that Sylvie looked a lot like a Loki variant when she was younger than now. That blonde hair she has now has changed her appearance a lot.

All we know as of now is that Sylvie was no ordinary kid. She was a variant way before Loki started his mischiefs, and she is good at it too.

She self-taught herself most of the magic too. Also, she seems to know more about the TVA than Mobius so, she might have a plan after all.

She is smart and more powerful than Loki so, we know she is not dumb enough to think she can take on the TVA head-on.

So, if the young Sylvie figured out how to get out of it, the older one too can.

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