What Is Lamentis 1? Everything You Need To Know About The Moon Loki Is Stranded!

Loki Episode 3

If you were expecting something big to happen in the third episode, then you might not be disappointed. Even though the story only involved the two Lokis, we did get a lot about many things and particularly about Lamentis 1.

Which planet are Loki and Sylvie stranded on?

Well, it’s not a planet, it’s a moon. Loki and Sylvie are stranded on a moon called Lamentis 1, which is about to be destroyed entirely.

Even though it looks like there is no way out of this planet, we can hope that something will happen and the two will be saved. After all, they are the titular characters.


Where is Lamentis 1?


Well, we know that it’s not near to earth. Lamentis 1 is the habitable moon of an outworld called Lamentis.

This Lamentis is located somewhere at the very edge of the Kree space. Oh, how good would it be if Captain Marvel kicks some sense into Loki and saves him?

The destruction of Lamentis 1 is taking place in the year 2077, and as we saw, it doesn’t look like they have anyone else to come and save them.


The Ark that they absolutely trusted to get them out was also annihilated so, there is no way out, and the Lady that Loki and Sylvie met in the beginning, makes more sense now.

Still, the staff she has was not used by anyone else. No soldier had that with them, and that power was something we did not see anyone use, so maybe she could help them.

How was Lamentis 1 destroyed?


Lamentis 1, which is currently being destroyed, is going through this fate because the outworld Lamentis broke up, and its fragments are crashing on Lamentis 1.


As to why no other force is there to save them is something we don’t know. We see so many incidents that nearly cause the extinction of civilization even after the Avengers, so whatever they can do is just push up the extinction date, apparently.

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