Will Spider-Man Appear in Daredevil? Could Daredevil Join Spider-Man 4?

Spider-Man Will Return to MCU Soon, Sooner Than We Were Expecting

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker just recently met Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film marked Murdock’s first appearance in a Marvel Studios production following the cancellation of his Netflix series. Although Cox never actually suited up as Daredevil for the film, he instead appeared in a legal capacity with only a minor tease of his super-powered nature.

The two street-level heroes have now been introduced to each other, setting in motion the beginning of their famous comic book team-up relationship, right? Well, not exactly. Thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell in the final moments of the film, Murdock, like the rest of the world, will have no memory left of Peter Parker, while the high-schooler still remembers him.

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Fortunately, this spell may not prove to be a hindering factor in the two teaming up in the future. After all, Parker never learned about Murdock’s heroic identity, meaning he could still run into a masked Daredevil and neither would be any the wiser as to their previous meeting.


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Both Spider-Man and Daredevil have a long history with the crime boss Kingpin in the comics, so it’s easy to see how a team-up could happen. Perhaps they could both be pursuing Wilson Fisk at the same time before crossing paths and ultimately teaming up.

Holland previously said that he’s “a big fan of the Daredevil series” and that he “hope(s) that one day we find a way for Spider-Man and Daredevil to team up again” following No Way Home. There’s a high chance this meeting will come one day, but the question is, will it be in Disney+’s Daredevil​​​​ revival?

Will Spider-Man Appear in Daredevil?

There looks to be a contractual basis for Holland’s Spider-Man to pop up in the MCU again, and there are endless ways the wall-crawler could slot into Daredevil. But Marvel Studios might not be looking to use one of its limited number of Spider-Man appearances on a Disney+ series.


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After all, Spider-Man remains, to this day, the most well-known and popular hero to have come out of Marvel. Any inclusion of the web-slinger undoubtedly bolsters the box office intake and interest in a project. Disney may be more eager to save something like that for a big-screen epic, in which the rewards will prove far more prevalent.

Granted, Spider-Man: Freshman Year will soon bring the wall-crawler to Disney+ in an animated series that will explore the early adventures of the hero in the MCU. But Marvel is actually free to make this series without the need for Sony’s involvement as they still retain the animated TV rights.

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Sony and Marvel did recently reach a deal to bring future Spider-Man movies to Disney+ in the coming years, meaning his presence on the streaming service will eventually grow. When that happens, there is a chance the studios will reach a strong arrangement to put Spider-Man in more projects, but until then, it’s very unlikely he will show up in a Disney+ series.

Could Daredevil Join Spider-Man 4?

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Spider-Man appearing in Daredevil may well be unlikely, but that’s not to say the two won’t team up in the near future. In exchange for Sony loaning its hero for use in the MCU, Marvel Studios returns the favor by placing some of its characters in each Spider-Man film, which the studio also produces.

It’s this deal that has led to appearances from Iron Man, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Happy Hogan across the three films released so far. When Spider-Man 4 eventually comes to be, it will undoubtedly come with another MCU hero, but who that will be is a much tougher question, that Daredevil may be the answer to.

The memory of Peter Parker has now been erased from the world, his advanced Stark suit has been replaced with one homemade using a sewing machine, and he’s using a police scanner to find crimes to stop. All of this points to a much more street-level story for Spider-Man 4, especially since his connection to the Avengers has mostly disappeared.


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As Holland’s hero takes to the streets, what better opposition could there be for his next film than Kingpin, and who better to join him than Daredevil? After all, the blind lawyer will have seen several more MCU appearances by the time Spider-Man 4 rolls around, making him more than popular enough to headline a film with Tom Holland.

So, while the chances are slim that Spider-Man will appear in Daredevil on Disney+, it may not be long before the two cross paths in a future team-up.

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