Will The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 Happen?


The Detective Is Already Dead has been a much talked about anime ever since it premiered in July this year. The story revolves around the many misadventures of trouble magnet Kimihiko Kimizuka who is recruited by legendary detective Siesta as her sidekick. The duo go on to solve numerous cases together until Siesta’s unfortunate death. 

When Kimihiko tries to move on and put the agony of his mentor’s death behind, he realizes that her influence is not going away any time soon. The refreshing premise of the series was a huge point of praise by many critics, along with its unique narrative and stunning action scenes. 

It also captured a sizable audience with its exciting first episode. So ever since Season 1 concluded, viewers have been very curious about The Detective is Already Season 2. If you’re also waiting to get more info on this, head on down below to find out more details! 

Has the Studio Renewed The Detective is Already Dead for a second season? 

The Detective Is Already Dead


Both ENGI and the production team of the series have yet to release any official announcement of the show’s renewal. Unfortunately, the action seinen series did not garner a huge following among western anime viewers and overall, had average ratings. So this may be a drawback point which could hamper the show’s prospects for Season 2. 

However, despite not making a great impression internationally, the series has managed to amass a huge fan following in Japan. For the last few months, sales of Nigojuu’s titular light novel series (from which the anime has been adapted) has tremendously increased, and the anime itself has been one of the most viewed shows on various streaming platforms.

So, these positive developments and the growing domestic fan following will likely work in the favour of the series getting a second season. Thus, fans may get to hear good news about the show’s renewal sooner than later.

The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 Release Date

The Detective is Already Dead

Currently, there is enough source material from the next few published light novel volumes to begin Season 2’s production. But Studio ENGI will most likely wait until volumes 6, and potentially 7, are available.

New volumes are usually released in Japan every five months, so there should be enough source material to completely produce a second season by mid 2022.

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If official confirmation for renewal of the series is made, we can probably expect The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 to be available sometime in mid to late 2022 or early 2023.

Expectations About The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 Plot

The Detective is Already Dead

In the final episode of Season 1, we saw how fan favorite legendary detective Siesta returns to save Kimihiko. Her feelings for Kimihiko are also revealed in the finale as she accepts being involved in a romantic attachment with her sidekick.

In season 2, we can expect Hel’s link with Siesta to be further explored as they have a mysterious shared history. Also, there have been various hints that Siesta knew Nagisa in the past. But we are never truly shown how so we can expect Season 2 to give us more clarification regarding their relationship. 

It will also be interesting to see how Kimihiko deals with this new reality as Siesta won’t be returning again, having passed her legacy to Nagisa, Charlotte Arisaka Anderson, Yui Saikawa. 

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