One Piece Episode 998 Release Date and Spoilers!

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In One Piece Episode 997, the war between Luffy’s men and Orochi and Big Mom started with full-blown intensity. While the chaos ensued, One Piece Episode 998 will show this fight with greater details and plot twists.

Here is every little piece of information you need to know about One Piece Episode 998.

One Piece Episode 998 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on the 7th of November 2021. Every new episode of One Piece gets released on a weekly basis.

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One Piece Episode 997 Recap

One Piece Episode 998 will be continuing Luffy’s fight with the villains Big Mom, Orochi, and Kaido, with Kaido regaining his footing after a devastating blow. Kaido is furious that the Straw Hats have been responsible for blaming for all that has happened so far. 

He thinks the Straw Hats aren’t different from any other pirates, and that they could desert the Akazaya Nine at any time. The Akazaya Nine have been waiting for this conflict to begin in order to avenge Oden and open the Land of Wano, and it has now begun. 

One-Piece-Episode 998

Luffy confronted Big Mom, telling her that he would defeat her with the help of Kaido and Orochi. “The Battle Under the Moon!” is the title of the episode. Sulong the Moon Lion, the Berserker.” Luffy announces that the war shall commence!

Kinemon and the rest of the Akazay Nine have surrounded Kaido from all sides. The Queen reminds them that they have a total of roughly 30000 soldiers and that, because they are outmanned, they can do anything. 

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However, he receives a call alerting him to tens of thousands of attackers entering Onigashima’s castle from the back. Queen is shocked at hearing the news and expresses his inability to comprehend how the intruders managed to get this far. 

Killer, on the other hand, is chastising the opponents. He requests everyone to try to understand him because he is out for Kaido’s head, and he will not be happy with anyone who gets in the way. Law also took on his part well, using Room: Amputation-Chambres to return the explosives to the adversaries.

One Piece Episode 998: Akazaya Nine
Akazaya Nine

Queen also learned that Perospero is fighting a former Warlord, Law, and Marco the Phoenix. Since the Samurai have the upper hand, Kaido’s soldiers are dying in large numbers. Perospero employs Candy Maiden against Marco in the scenario.

However, it misses its mark and hits Kaido’s soldiers, who know the two have joined forces. Kaido’s soldiers are perplexed as to why competing pirates are banding together.

One Piece Episode 998 Spoilers

The spoilers aren’t released yet because the raw scans will be released only around November 5, 2021.

Where To Read One Piece 

You can watch the latest episodes of One Piece on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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