Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 37 Release Date And Spoilers

Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 33

The previous episode was packed with a lot of things happening. There’s Towa who is captured by Zero and forced to recall the painful memories of her childhood.

Towa succumbs to the depths of her rage and bitterness, unleashing her demonic instincts. Will Setsuna be able to save Towa? For details about Yashahime Episode 37, head down below. 

Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 37 Release Date 

Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 37 is scheduled to release on Sunday, December 26th, 2021.

Recap of Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 36

Abducted by Zero and her suffering absorbed by Nanahoshi’s miniature galaxy, Towa is forced to remember her difficult childhood memories in the modern period. In the past, she was bullied and made out to be a liar for having “made up Setsuna”. As Towa goes through this ordeal, Zero’s motives are revealed.


Yashahime Episode 36

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Meanwhile, we see Sesshomaru going to Kohaku to bring Setsuna to the Sacred Tree of Ages. It is here that Setsuna later faces her sick mother for the first time since her Dream Butterfly was cut down. 

Then, back to the Towa situation, Riku and Rion finally reach to help Towa. However, they seem to have arrived too late as the optimistic, warmhearted Towa has now spiralled and is lost in a deep pit of rage and hatred. This has led to to the awakening of her innermost demonic instincts. 


Zero was hoping for this exact situation, where Towa becomes incredibly blinded with rage. Towa even slashes Nanahoshi in half. Riku then has a flashback of Zero once saying, “I’ve figured out a way to survive until the very end”. 

Riku then realizes that Zero’s intention is for Towa to kill her, and if she kills Zero, she kills Rin and Towa has to live with that forever. Zero’s desire is not to survive forever physically, but rather in the memories of other people. If Towa ends up killing Zero, Zero will forever live on through Towa’s darkness. 

Yashahime Episode 36

While this is happening, we are also shown what follows between Setsuna and Rin’s meeting. Rin who is extremely weak now tells Setsuna that cutting the thread of fate will not lift the curse but that she must first save Zero from herself. Rin wants Setsuna to save both Towa and Zero. 


Setsuna is confused at this and reminds her mother that Zero is her enemy and that Zero doesn’t deserve her pity at all. However, Rin enlightens Setsuna that the curse is a manifestation of Zero’s inability to let go of her regrets and bitterness. 

She then offers Setsuna a glowing yellowish light, which Setsuna recognizes. Setsuna exits the Sacred Tree of Ages and goes to where her twin sister is, with a thread of fate guiding her. Meanwhile, Riku steps in and tries to hold Towa off but she is far too powerful. 

Yashahime Episode 36

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Wanting to send Towa to hell personally, Zero absorbs all seven of her Rainbow Pearls into her eyes. This grants her even greater demonic abilities than ever before and the episode ends with a rainbow colored demonic aura emitting all around her, which shocks Riku.

What Can We Expect from Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 37? 

The previous episode ended with Setsuna on her way to Towa so in Episode 37, we may expect to see how she plans to save Towa from her own blinding rage. We are not sure where Sesshomaru will end up in the next episode, whether he’ll be involved or simply let the kids deal with the situation. 

The glowing yellow light Rin gives Setsuna may also be the key to saving Towa and Zero as Setsuna immediately realizes what it is too and heads off to see Towa. On that note, it’s still a little baffling that Rin wants Setsuna to save Zero. But rest assured as all these loose ends will probably be resolved in the upcoming episode. 

Where to Watch Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Episode 37 Online? 

You can stream the series on sites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, AnimeLab and VRV.


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