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Spider-Man Will Be Seen As A Zombie Hunter In What If…?


Peter Parker has a new role in the MCU and it sure is quite peculiar. Catching crooks and the bad guys seem much like his usual work but Spider-Man as a zombie hunter? That’s one thing we’ll start to get used to.

Occupying his usual disguise as the Marvel star Spider-Man, Peter Parker will now be haunting zombie creatures. And all of this has been speculated and noticed from toys! After both LEGO and Hasbro’s merchandise of the What If…? series was revealed, each character has caught the attention of many. Out of the several hints that could be gathered from the toys, Spider-Man has been noted to be a hunter of the undead.

Zombie Hunter Spidey In What If…?

LEGO and Hasbro’s merchandise both listed the character of Spider-Man as “Zombie Hunter Spidey”. This was a huge hint in the role he will be playing in What If…?. The toy figure is wearing the traditional Spider-Man costume suit of blue and red. Additionally, unlike other Spider-Man figures, a red cape is included in his costume.

Spider-Man No Way Home Leak

This intriguing new role of Spider-Man as a zombie hunter puts Peter Parker in direct opposition to the character of Steve Rogers. This is because the original Captain America has previously been confirmed to be a member of the undead in Disney+’s animated series.

Inspiration Behind Zombie Hunter Spidey

The zombie-hunter Spider-Man is known to be inspired by the Marvel Zombies comic run which was released between 2005 and 2006. This comic was also written by Robert Kirkman who works on the famous zombie show The Walking Dead.

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In the original source comics, a virus outbreak from another dimension took place which affected many people. However, in the original form, Spider-Man also got infected by the virus and became a zombie himself rather than the hunter of the undead. Therefore, this could suggest a surprisingly strange ending even for the What If…? series when it comes to Peter Parker.

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