Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Release Date, Plot, and Other Details

Tokyo Revengers

The latest Tokyo Revengers chapter was released a few days back. Many fans are shocked to learn that one of Brahman’s top brass is a young high school girl. Her name is Karawagi Senju and this fact shocks Takemichi as much as it did to us.

This chapter revealed so many interesting details about the top brass of Brahman, It also unveiled how the Kentou Manji Gang (where Mieky defected) and Toman were related to Brahman, in an intricate web of delinquent networks. 

However, another impending threat looms large over our character’s life as he sees a gruesome vision. That left many fans in huge suspense as we were curious to know what would happen to Brahman and eventually, Takemichi’s plans.

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If you wish to know more about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Recap

Since Brahman’s head Senju scheduled a meeting at Harajuku, Takemichi is left utterly shocked to learn that it’s a girl. His shock and utter confusion are sweet and interesting because he simply can’t comprehend how a Brahman head is a girl, though it carries some element of misogyny.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216
Takemichi is shocked that Senju is a girl

Senju and Takemichi go shopping in Harajuku with him carrying all the shopping bags for her. Senju comments that it’s great to have a member as young as him in Brahman as all Brahman members are very old. 

As the duo starts talking about Akashi, Senju reveals that Akashi is her elder brother, one of Brahman’s three deities. Interestingly, she confesses her real name as Akashi Senju, choosing to keep a “professional name” as she thinks it sounds so cool.

Must Read: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Release Date, Plot, and Other Details

She asks Takemichi if he knows Haruchiyo, to which he replies affirmatively. Haruchiyo was the 5th Division vice-President of Tokyo Manji Gang before he defected to Kentou Manji. Again, she tells him that he’s her second elder brother.

Senju's brother is Haruchiyo, ex-Toman member
Senju’s brother is Haruchiyo, ex-Toman member

The trio is also known as the three mysterious siblings, with Akashi was the oldest, second Haruchiyo, and Senju the youngest. The duo enjoys chocolate mint ice cream together, though Senju finds it a weird combination. 

After she throws her ice cream handle which he picks up, he has a macabre vision of him wailing holding Senju’s corpse. Is this a premonition of a disastrous outcome from a bitter delinquent gang gone wrong? Only time will tell.

Takemichi has a vision
Takemichi has a vision

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Release Date

The next chapter of Tokyo Revengers will be released on the 4th of August 2021.

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers

Kodansha website and Mangamo are good websites to read the raging manga.

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